Would you find it wrong if a high school teacher had an intimate relationship with a former student?

Letss say the former student is 21 and the high school teacher is 39. Do you consider this wrong or not? tell me your reasons. Thanks

as long as it is a FORMER student, no I dont see a problem with it. Age doesnt matter, but I dont believe that students and teachers should have a relationship while enrolled in their classes. Causes too many issues and rumors.

Kind of I mean she is the teacher is almost twice the Former students age but it’s not horrible there’s big age differences in some relationships as long as they never cheated in school

No, as long as the age difference isn’t a factor for them, then whatever. As long as it’s a former student it’s OK to me.

yes because the teacher is way too old, however if they both like each other and it is real love then yes its fine

I don’t consider it wrong, we can’t control love and love doesn’t have age, size, or colour.

Legally, no.

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It is not wrong in any way. You can’t stop love. 😉

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