Would Jehovah’s Witnesses describe their religion as anti-Semitic?

I ask because Joseph Rutherford publicly renounced his Zionism and became a vocal critic of Jews. Much of his other influence & teaching has been carried forward to modern JW doctrines & mentality, is this attitude part of that mentality?

JW’s are the new and revised Jews…Even spellcheck tells you that.

No- not Anti Semitic. What you may find surprising is that when Hitler was sending Jews AND Jehovah’s Witnesses to concentration Camps- the Pope at that time Did NOTHING- said Nothing as well. Perhaps you could Point your Question in that direction.

I don’t know what the teachings are regarding this, but I have personally been told by JWs that Jews “killed Jesus” and asked “how would you feel about people who killed your son” along with comments such as “their hearts are hardened” etc. Kind of seems like anti-Jewish feelings to me.

No, JWs are anti every religion but their own including the Jewish ones.

No, I am a Jehovah’s Witness and we follow what God said and what Jesus taught…”you shall love thy neighbor….The bible doesnt say..UNLESS THEY ARE JEWS…so no matter the race ,color,sex,or Ethnic backgrounds…The Bible teaches us to cope with them. We are all humans…therefore we must treat others as such. Sure criticism comes from anyone…even Jesus criticized the Scribes and Jews…but no , that mentality is not a part of the lifestyle anyone ..witness or not..should have. Hope i Helped

I ask them the same thing, that book you carry is not what came and they say correct and I say end of arugment. Get me the real book and we will sit and talk over it.

JW’s are the new jews…


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