Would any reputable company ask you to credit report rating before they even ask your for an interview?

I applied to a bunch of positions available on craigslist, and it seems every reply I got said something along the lines of “were happy to see your interested, blah blah blah, now go get a credit report from creditreport. com or some other site” i ignored them all as spam thinking someones just trying to…

This is often a scam where they get a kickback from the credit site for referring you.

Sounds like spam/scam to me. Most companies don’t ask for a credit report – unless you’re working as a independent contractor and have to pay for certain products/supplies at the start.

This has all the earmark of someone “trying to make money off the internet” and more importantly “waste your time.” Stick with your instincts.

it is tricky, it could be a scam and doing them credit report will have a lot of Your information on, could go bad for you, but on the other side it is gumtree, there a big site, it would be stupid for them to try and gip a few people of, the way the would is going credit reports, crb checks etc are getting more often, its just to sure the employer that we are relatively trustworthy its a risk mate yes, but its a risk crossing the roads theses days, if you are unsure about the link there sent you, there are otheres out there you can do, some may charge you though, but it would only be a few quid, im pretty certain they take a few days to come through as well so if your job interview is coming you want to make your mind up soon pal

These are all scams. Beware applying for jobs/gigs on craigslist. Learn to discern the clues in the ads. And anyone who wants your credit report before interviewing you, or before even submitting a proper job application, is obviously a scam.

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