Will Rev Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the usual race baiters start a riot when Zimmerman is found innocent?


Yes, If Zimmerman has anything short of death, there will be riots and race baiting. The media whom have already changed the facts in this story multiple times will also throw gas on the flames.

Yes there will be riot’s. Luckily I live in the country not many black’s around here and not much violent crime either, what a coincidence I guess.

Weatherman said in my area it will be sunny and normal, with just a 10% chance of 55grain rain


There’s absolutely no doubt that they will, egged on by the likes of Bill Maher, Michael Moore and most democrat race-baiters.


No. There is no rational reason to believe so.

You’re the one who is race-baiting. You know that, of course. I’d like you to continue. You think you’re doing something for your side of the argument, but what you’re really doing is to drive rational people more distant from the right wing. Keep it up – you’re helping the left win.

I think the race baiters are here with you.They aren’t interested in making things bad. But you people wait on evil tactics to come.

Yes, but a small riot.

I’m thinking it is a huge possibility that it happens…..but, he will be found guilty so it doesn’t matter.

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