Why has there been a stock market crash every time gas prices have gone sky high such as now?

What toll could high oil/gasoline prices have on the economy and the stock market?
are they even related?
your thoughts?

The stock market hasn’t crashed lately.

Every piece of economic activity relies upon petroleum (the raw ingredient of gasoline) in some form or another. Fabrication, transportation, packaging, storage…it all uses some form of fossil fuel to accomplish, commonly petroleum.

High gas prices means that more of the revenue from sales goes in to the petroleum budget of the producers, and less goes to the company profits and capital gains of the investors.

There hasn’t been a “stock market crash”. There’s been a correction, but the DOW is still higher than it was at the start of the year.

they are going to in all threat consolidate their journeys greater so extremely much less making use of, and in line with threat some entertainment fees, and in line with threat basically customarily being greater careful approximately what they purchase.

I hate to tell you this, kiddy, but gas prices are pretty normal right now.

lets put this into your terms
less gasoline=less money
less money=higher prices
higher prices=lowering trade prices
so that means…
less gasoline=loweing trade prices

We should nationalize all energy then we would have thirty two cents a gallon gas like President Chavez provides for his people.

who cares
marriage should be outlawed for men.
marriage has nothing to do with “love”, it’s a financial trap that ruins most men’s lives

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