Why are jews promoters of multiculturalism anywhere but in Palestine?

They obviously wanted and still want a country as purely Jewish as possible – yet anywhere else they want a country as multicultural as possible? How do we interpret this apparent discrepancy? Hypocrisy? or something else?

Multiculturalism results in higher levels of tolerance for minorities so it is to their advantage to promote it in any country where they are a minority. On the other hand,in would be to the disadvantage of any so-called “Jewish State”; it would deprive it of it’s purely-as-possible Jewish character. I would indeed attribute it to hypocrisy; where they are a minority they wish to encourage tolerance; where they are a majority they basically tolerate no one who isn’t Jewish. They might make exceptions – Christian clergy,for example,although not laity – and they will grant short-term residency to Bahais,but not citizenship. They have a very small minority of israeli Arabs buts they are second-class citizens. Basically they want tolerance for diversity anywhere but Occupied Palestine.

If you bring this point up they immediately start droning on about “people have come there from all over the world” – as though the migration for jews only policy constitutes multiculturalism. It’s semi-secular,semi-theocratic. To migrate there you must be Jewish in the religious sense,in which case your ethnicity doesn’t matter, or Jewish in the ethnic sense in which case it doesn’t matter if you practice Judaism at all.

But Michael…they are all still Jews. You could put persons of Anglo-Saxon ancestry “from all over the world” – Australia,New Zealand,Canada,England – in one single country where everything is designed solely and exclusively for their sake. Yes,it would at least initially represent some small degree of diversity. Not everybody drinks Foster’s Lager and not everybody says “eh” a lot. But it is still a fundamentally discriminatory concept and yes,that would be a monocultural society,not multicultural. No one could live there unless they were Anglo-Saxon on the matrilinear side and/or an Episcopalian. Everyone else could only visit and if there were non-Anglo-Saxons already there I daresay life would be made very hard for them. They would have to be driven out. That isn’t multiculturalism.

Everyone supports multiculturalism when they are a minority sect, as American jews are. Very few people support multiculturalism when they are the primary culture, as Israeli jews are. The answer to your question is, “Because humans adopt and discard ideologies opportunistically.”

A just-for-Jews country is obviously not multicultural; the diversity – if you can call it that – is confined to diversity among Jews,nothing more. Migration is strictly limited to persons who are either Jewish in the geneological sense or religiously,period. But to answer the question,they promote multiculturalism when it is to their advantage,which is basically except Palestine where they desire a culturally and ethnically uniform society. Yes,it’s hypocrisy.

It’s mafia country given to them instead of prison and a hospital to treat the retarded guys.

Israel is the last colonial rule in the world . In Israel there is two cultures: the colonial culture” the settlers culture” and native people culture.

Where they can dominate they will and are very intolerant; where they cannot dominate they preach tolerance. It’s that simple.

Israel is move multicultural than any other country in the world.

Look up the following:
Ethiopian Jews (about 400,000 in Israel, I think)
Yemenite Jews (also a lot in Israel)
Sefardic Jews
Mizrachi Jews (Jews from Iraq, Iran, etc., about a million of them in Israel.)
btw, there are about 5 1/2 million people in Israel.

“a country as purely Jewish as possible”, What are you talking about?
Israel is a secular country, they don’t follow the Jewish religious laws Halakha (הלכה‎).

And have you been there? Many nationalities live in Israel (Arabs, Hebrews, Greeks, Armenians, Africans, Europeans, Indians etc..)

You are comparing American Jews who are mostly Ashkenazi to Israeli Jews who are predominantly of Arab and Persian descent. If you want to understand the conflict read books from every author.

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