Who in the States can see this … ??

Someone asked a Q on McCain that I felt I had to answer:

Well, I’m Australian … and even I can see right through this bloke.
Except being a people-hater [and who in even a quarter mind would vote for such to run a country!!!??], on any other issue than war, he’s just so close to being a Democrat that,…

I wish you were American so you could vote. It’s nice to see someone else note Romney’s morals. Thankyou!

Senator McCain was approached by John Kerry in 2004 to be Kerry’s running mate. The nod went to Edwards, of course, but the fact that it even happened should steer any conservative away from John McCain.

For further evidence of his Democrat compromises, look at just SOME of the bills he sponsored.

McCain/Feingold which attacks free speech by limiting what candidates may say 29 days before an election.

McCain/Kennedy aka “the Amnesty Bill” that got everyone so hot and bothered last year (and rightly so I might add). This bill was co-sponsored by Senator Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy. ‘Nuff said.

I am an American and I agree with you abougt McCain. My favorite Republican candidate is Huckabee, who wants to free us of the income tax that stifles our economy.

Well good then, I think it’s time America got past its petty political fights and reached across the aisle to the other party. I question anyone willing to spend the kind of money Mitt is spending to become president, sorry.

Yes, sir. That logic deserves a pint of Southwark Premium!

Well he/she was correct with McCain,but way off on Mitt,lots of money and lies,don’t equal credentials..well for a lawyer it might.

Nah… i think i’ll vote for Ron Paul. Appreciate your concern and opinion about the matter. Have a good one.

McCains problem is he is a republican. They leave a bad taste in middle America’s mouth.

I’ve always like Aussies, and your are one reason why.

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