When will we hit $100 oil? If we attack Iran, could it hit $150? Might be cheaper to burn worthless US dollars

$1000 Oil, dozen eggs for 10 bucks. After all that FED bailout money filters to through the economy, we’ll see some nasty inflation.

You are right. It is the Federal Reserve, not Iran that is a threat to our well-being. The Federal Reserve has devalued our currency 1000% since its creation. They are the enemy within. Why can’t more Americans figure this out?

properly the component is – That Iran has some huge buddies and it would be the all out conflict that we glance headed twords – i wish no longer – yet – conflict has surpassed off till now and it will returned It could have come as extremely a ask your self to the final Roman while Rome fell It replace right into a ask your self to the final German while they lost – Bush is definitely-known with that Iran – is a concern – and that floor forces may be stupid – So nuclear conflict is on the table – there is data or a minimum of reason to have self assurance Bush is a sociopathic nut – If threatened i think of he might push the button – Iran shouldn’t underestimate the lengths Bush is prepared to circulate to

Most probably it will hit $175 in the first year of the invasion. This is due to supply curtailment. On the second year it will stabilize on that ($150) level because our reserved could be depleted by then due to the war expenditures. But on the third year it will start to go down as we recover, provided we win the war…

On the fourth year, our currency will strengthen because by then we will be controlling 3/4 of global oil production, with Iraq, Saudi, Kuwait and Iran in our pocket.

If we attack Iran, they have already threatened to shut down the all oil production and distribution. I think your estimate of $150/barrel is quite low. Double that, perhaps.


Odd that if you need food do you attack the store? What kind of intentions are you dealing with. Do you seriously think anyone would just let you go attack things cause you feel like it? Why don’t you change your methods of usage so you can start by attacking yourself inshAllah.

The rumors about George Bush’s policies having caused the consistently high gas prices of the last 7 years are wrong…plain wrong…..do not believe them, no matter what you think you see and know and feel.
So if we attack iran, and the price of oil goes to $150, its not his fault. You got that?
You libs think just because your common senses are tingling and things seem as clear as they that what you think you see is correct. That is a disease and you must get treatment for it. You see the “normal” way is that if something seems bad for you ..its really good.

your us dollars might be worthless – but mine aren’t- every store in America accepts them and I can buy all sorts of things and even save them – use them at a later date.

Your complaining about all of this but your not lookinbg at the sources of the problems- not enough oil and too much credit givin out to people who did not show they could use it wisely- now the market must adjust for the times. every up has a down and every down has an up.

Or how about we just leave the Middle East and let Iran build a nuke denotate in NYC and really see the dollar go South.
Your call.

We’ve already hit $100 a barrel……..

Go check the financial news and see for yourself…..

we need to be using our oil that we pump out

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