What’s wrong with my beta?

My beta used to have horizontal lines when I got it as a baby (It was about 4 weeks old? in July). Recently, I got a male beta from the pet store, and I put their tanks next to each other, but the male fish seemed to be showing aggression towards my beta (he was puffing up his gills and was spreading out his fins),…

Flaring isn’t always a sign of aggression. Males flare during their mating dance as well. They also flare at their own reflection. Attempting to nip the glass to get at the female is a sign of aggression, but flaring has many different meanings to a Betta, depending on the context the flaring occurs in. Unless you research Betta breeding and have the money to go through with it, it’s not recommended to put males and females together. It can be done if you know what you’re doing and get lucky with a passive male, but more than likely the male will attack the female.

Horizontal lines are a sign of stress and vertical lines are a sign of being ready to spawn, but it doesn’t mean you have to breed her. They go away if you don’t breed her. She won’t die, she’s fine. 😉 Male Bettas have to be bigger than females for the spawning to work properly.

Anyways, whether you’re planning on breeding them or just curious what their behavior meant, good luck with them.

I recently found out from my fish store that female bettas get horizontal lines wher they are ready or geting ready for spawning. You said she was very young the last time yo saw the lines – maybe just gowing thoruhg a growth spurt.(?)

Anyway, I’ve had a male and a femal in the same 50 gallon aquarium in the past. For a long time the male would frequently flare (that’s what its called) his fins, gills and anything else to show how masculine he was. Not to worry – that’s what the males do.

Relax and give them a lot of attention. If your first time with bettas get ready to enjoy them they are very nice fish

Your fish is constipated from over-feeding. often, freeze-dried blood worms reason this. Freeze-dried food isn’t a competent decision.. over feeding additionally motives this. to stay away from it interior the destiny, feed a style of food.. high quality pellet food and distinctive frozen (no longer freeze-dried!) will help him digest each little thing. speedy him sooner or later a week to get each little thing down. Fluffy’s abdomen is merely as super as his eye, so 4 pellets an afternoon is sturdy adequate for him. For now a competent therapy is to shell a FROZEN pea (significant it has no pesticides on it!) you may get some tank water, placed the pea interior the tank water and microwave till mushy. Shell the pea, and then feed him tiny chew-sized products. Bettas are carnivores and can’t digest plant fabric, so it rather is going to sparkling his equipment out.. like a laxative. Take sturdy care of your puppy, i’m hoping he’s in a beneficial sized tank it rather is heated on condition that bettas are tropical fish.

Vertical line is when betta wants to breed. Your female is just stress. She’ll be fine and won’t die. Keep the seperate. If you want the tank to be next to each other then you’ll need to a cover between the tank so that they can’t see each other.

it will be fine just def.keep them far away from eachother very agressive fish 🙂

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