What is/are the sweetest thing/s your baby does?

My baby is almost 9 months (sheesh-it goes by quick!) and she is so sweet to mommy! She will hug my neck and snuggle her face into it. And she will place her hands on the sides of my face and bring an opened mouth to my cheek (kisses). She melts my heart! And she is bashful at times. If she is on the floor playing…

when my husband come home ill make sure im all the way across the living room from the door. my husband will open the door and my son will look to the door and start freaking out. he’ll begged to be put down. when i do he takes off crawling to his daddy. so cute, he just learned so his coordination isn’t down right yet. so he trips and stuff. its so cute to watch him work so hard to get his daddy.
also right now. he is in my lap blowing raspberries on my arm! lol

I have a 1 week old newborn so she isnt doing much, but when she has gas she will make this “o” with her mouth that is the cutest thing. We will sit there staring at each other and I will start making that face back at her until I just die laughing. She also has a pointy little tongue and sometimes after she yawns she will flick her tongue out and make a little smacking noise. I can’t wait until she gets older and does more cute things!

Will (16 months) might be playing away happily and then will suddenly stop and run over to give me a kiss. Their so cute at this age. He also decides now at night that when he wants to go to bed because he is tired he grabs my hand so I can walk him down the hall to bed. Just think in a few months time he will be fighting this.

My 5 almost 6 month old gives me hugs and the big open mouth kiss at the same time she is teething so it’s extra sloppy.

I was going to say the big sloppy opened mouth kisses too. They are the best. He’ll also sleep with us every once and while, usually to sleep in on the weekends, and he sleeps on his side curled into my husband’s back. It is the cutest thing ever to wake up and see the backs of their heads.

I have a two year old and a new baby and I was at first scared with logan around the baby, but he is the sweetest thing! He holds her and gives her kisses!

He’s almost 3 months, so he really isn’t doing too much yet, but he likes to hold one of my fingers in each hand when he’s getting sleepy. He hangs on so tightly.. I love it!!
He’s also starting to giggle a little bit when he is excited 🙂 super cute.

My son will run and give his older sister a hug in the morning. He just started doing it and it’s sooooo adorable! She absolutely adores him too! She is 4 and he is 1.

I love when babies squeeze your finger as hard as they can, and when they giggle at you like you are the funniest thing in the world.

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