What is the fastest used car I can get for $3000 or under?

I am sixteen looking for first car want something fast and cool. I can spend 3000 and possibly 500 for some upgrades.

I agree with Sweden. Learn to drive first and then get a junk that is barely running so that it won’t matter too much how many times you wreck it as it is almost a certainy that you will, before you get old enough to realize that life is so precious and the speed is a fast way to lose it.It’s always cool in the cemetery. Then when you get the experience you will have some money left to buy a good car. Praying that God watches over you until you see 21.

what about paying for insurance? do you have money for that?
I don’t think you should be on the roads at all, you seem pretty irresponsible.
I’m not trying to be a tool, but plenty of kids like you just get themselves, their friends, and other people on the road killed, because they want fast cars that they can’t handle.

I was reading posts on a bmw forum about a kid who had an m5…he was saying that he was a responsible kid, doesn’t speed, blah blah blah, and then literally a few weeks later, there was another topic showing a video where an m5 was found near a tree, split into two, with all 5 passengers dead (and probably in pieces). Guess who it was?? It doesn’t matter if it’s $3000 or $300000, if it goes fast, you can get into really bad trouble.

just get a compact until you actually can drive, and work your way up.

and yeah, if you get a fast motorcycle, kiss your life goodbye. and for the idiot who says you’ll only hurt yourself…guess what..if you t-bone someone in a car…they most likely will die too. i’ve seen pictures of the mess, it is NOT pretty. go look at crash photos that are posted online, and not the edited ones with blurred out images…you’ll see the carnage.

again, i’m not trying to be a tool, just hoping you keep yourself, friends, and others around you alive.

A ford Contour with a 6 cly, 5 speed. They will FLY.

The last thing a 16 year old needs is a fast car. Give yourself five years to learn how to drive properly and than worry about speed.

buying a fast car is irresponsible.
buying a fast motorcycle is fun.
they are smaller and you are only endangering yourself.
I bought a 125cc motorcycle and it can hit 100kmph is the city easily
Its very light and quick so i can dodge traffic.
Doing this in a car is just dangerous.
Plus, its definitely a head turner and chicks dig it 😉

Yeah, you’ll definitely want a 6 spd manual tranny. Ford contour is good http://heretothereautos.com/Ford/Contour or you could go with a honda crx http://heretothereautos.com/Honda/CRX

get a crotch rocket.. the cheapest fastest thing you can buy..

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