Two Harry Potter questions!?

1. So Harry’s invisibility cloak is a deathly hallow. So why is there more than one invisibility cloak? Barty Crouch had one and so did Mad Eye.

2. Hermione said that no one knows what a boggart looks like because its a shape shifter. Wouldn’t Mad Eye be able to tell people what it really looks like…

The Peverell Brothers were extremely clever wizards. Ignotus’ Invisibility Cloak was made from such material laden with powerful and advanced enchantments that it will never fade. There are other invisibility cloaks (though they are rare) but they will eventually fade and their powers dimished over time.

Either Mad Eye would see the bogart in the cupboard in a form of what frightened him most or just as a shapeless mass, so there’d be nothing to describe. I think it’s the former, otherwise, as a highly gifted Auror, he would have informed the Ministry about it, and have it recorded in wizarding books. Just a thought.

1. All the other Invisibility Cloaks fade after some time since they are made to be invisible with some spells while Harry’s never will. Because it’s one of the Hallows.

2. Well, there are two possibilities. One, the Boggart takes the shape of whatever Mad-Eye fears. Two, the Boggart has no shape, it’s just some sort of cloud, or smoke and Mad-Eye, being the great Auror he is, immediately knew that’s a Boggart.

1 Yes Invisibility Cloaks are really rare but lots of people have them but Harrys Is a True Invisibillity Cloak One That doesnt Age or get ruin by Curses I dont know why he has it though I guess it was passed down from many different people from when the Deathly Hallows were just a thing unknown to humans until when it happened,

2.I thought of that too Like in the 5th book At Grimmid place Molly wanted to know if it was a boggart upstairs in the drawing room and asked moody well So I guess he knows what it looked like In my case I think it would just be a black form that is just waiting to change…

Sorry If i wasnt a help

1. In the last book it is explained. There are many invisibility cloaks, but they all have faults – they evenutally wear out or aren’t as good. This is the one true invisibility cloak as it will hide the person even from death (but apparently not Mad Eye in book 4 when Harry is caught by Filch after hours with his Tri Wizard egg – that’s some magical eye if it can see better than death).

2. In book 5 Mad Eye does look through a chest to verfiy to Molly that it is indeed a bogart in there. It doesn’t say exactly what he sees, whether he sees the bogart in its true form or if the bogart changes into whatever Mad Eye fears. This is just a guess – Mad Eye can see through thrings. And a bogart isn’t wearing a costume; it actually changes itself. So perhaps he cannot see a bogart in its true form just like anybody else.

The other invisibility cloaks are not the same as Harry’s the description is very different and it is indestructible.

Mad eye may have been able to see it but he is a little special and not everyone has a magical eye or maybe when he sees the boggart he sees what frightens him the most?

1. the answer was said in the 7th book. those invisibility cloaks aren’t the same as harry’s. harrys not only made him invisible, but also protected him. the other ones only make you appear invisible.

2. a boggart doesnt have an actual shape. for everyone it’s different. so i would imagine that if mad eye looked through the closet, which had the bogart inside, he would see the bogart in the image of his worst fear.
— because for him, that is what the boggart’s shape is.

The first question is somewhat addressed in the book. It’s not that there are no other invisibility cloaks. It’s just that Harry’s is more durable and works better than run of the mill invisibility cloaks.

As for the second, it is really irrelevant what they “really” look like since nobody else will be able to see them like Mad Eye anyway. You will always see a bogart based on your own fears.

1. Harry’s is a Deathly Hallow, but you can make an invisibility cloak out of Demiguise hair, but it will eventually fade to silverish instead of invisible. Look on the Harry Potter Lexicon for more info, I’m pretty sure they’d have something.

2. I think he would be able to see what it really looked like, but I don’t believe it really has a form, more like a cloud of grey gas.

1- it also said that regular invisibility cloaks wear out over time. harrys never did and was passed down by his father. thats a long time. thats why dumbeldore took it to study it. he knew it was a hallow.

2- a boggart doesnt have an original form or a “not shape shifted” form. it simply has to take form of something else.

1) It is very rare, but not totally unseen other than the Hallow. Also, it might not have all the qualities of the Harry’s cloak. It may have a charm on it that must be redone from time to time.
2)Mad-Eye probably sees his biggest fear, and knowing him, it’s probably not a spider or something that would be in a draw or closet or even under the bed. To him, it will look like his biggest fear, whatever it is. Probably a Death Eater he couldn’t catch or something.

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