Twilight Vs Harry Potter?

Twilight Vs. Harry Potter
and why?

It would definatley be TWILIGHT !!

is this supposed to be a question??

I’m goin to try and compare the books and movies

Harry Potter is one of a kind…ALL the 7 books are fantastic with a lot of details and great continuity…we all like the characters because of who they are ..not beacause of what they look like and the world of Harry Potter is a lot more exciting and humorous

Twilight books are ok but realistically the are simpler in construction and less detailed also the whole vampire thing is a cliche that has been around for years even though i will give Stephanie Meyer the props for altering some of the ‘Vampire’ myths.

Now,when it comes to the movies..i personally don’t like the harry potter movies as much as the books but the Acting is better
The one twilight movie that came out had bad acting and also i think the directors are preying on the fact that people are attracted to good looks hence the fact that 90% of the actors are very attractive but have little or no real acting talent

that’s just my opinion..but anyway HARRY POTTER wins!!!!

You know, all Twilight fans ask this and it is always Harry Potter. The reason being is that it is better in almost every way. Here are some examples:

All the characters are lovable and you really feel for Harry and co, and then Ron comes along and makes it funny. They couldn’t have chosen better actors.

The plots are amazing, All of the tasks and battles that Harry does keeps you on the end of your seat!

The books are amazing too.

Harry Potter.Duh. So Harry Potter is a better book because it’s written better. And the story is more original, and better thought out. Twilight is written like a teen. The writing is very simple. And the story is boring. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is going to be AWESOME! 2 parts! YEAH!!!! Ok fine, I guess the movies aren’t that great..they leave out too much. Eclipse and breaking dawn are just going to be more lovey dovey *bad word* and bad acting. But taylor lautner is hot… Oh, and, A Very Potter Musical makes Harry Potter awesome too. And writing style. Uh, I think I just said that before. 🙂

I prefer Harry Potter, The character Bella in Twilight is so dull.

Shame on you for asking such a question. I won’t even bother comparing a masterpiece like Harry Potter to something as mediocre and pathetic and cheap like Twilight.

Harry Potter is the one that gets my vote. You may not be a fan of the films but you cannot knock how well made they are, the acting is great and so are the special effects and the storylines.

Harry potter STINKZ!! It’s sooo boring!!!
And taylor lautner is hawt so thats 1 of da reasons and twilight has better books AND movies!!!

both are shat, now take your magic wands and sparkly fairy vampires and go head but a nail.

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