Tokio Hotel Family! Did you get the new j-14?

Tokio Hotel is featured in it three times! =]
And the first Tokio Hotel poster (well its only regular page size but still) is included!! =]
I took pictures for my Tokio Hotel site so I decided to put them on here…

OMG no i havent gotten it yet now that you told me about it im going to get it first thing tomorrow after schoool yaaayyyyy :DDDDD thank you!

this is my favorite bill hairstyle ;…


edit –

LOL “is lady gaga dating hotels bill ?”


I have that magazine I bought it the day it came out =)

I love it I hope to see them in more magazines I don’t mind it being in J-14 because what is so wrong with the Jonas Brothers? it’s a good magazine not that bad I also loved that Twilight poster to with Edward and Bella New Moon you have to say if you look at Edward there he is freaking sexy as hell, I love that boy, But back to Tokio Hotel, Yes I love them and I Was happy to see them in a magazine but there is one thing though there songs are different and music style compared to what is in J-14 that’s the thing though but dissing the other bands is not right neither, though.

The Bill’s Hair style I like was the lion Mane and I love the new dread head style now it’s sexy I basically loved all his hair styles they all looked hot on him.

No I didn’t get it.Did it just come out in stores today or something?The pictures are Is the second picture the poster?

Poll:I have to say the lion mane.But I love the Durch den Monsun style

Edit:They chose a REALLY hot photo for And no


Edit 2:I totally agree with you person below me.I feel like this thing is bittersweet.But it’s not like they could prevent themselves from being in it

Edit 3:No Bill isn’t dating Lady


I had no clue. I;’m going to head out tonight to go buy the issue!

LOL @ the third picture. Lady Gaga is dating Bill…as if! Lady Gaga has a boyfriend already.

And I can’t really choose… all of the ones he had before his current hairstyle. The hairstyle he has now kinda sucks.

No. But I want it! I didnt even know they were going to be in another magazine here. Lol. Is it out in canada today???

Also, I have to say, I really loved the Zimmer 483 Style, aswell as his new dreads. The devilish one is cute, The lion main is sexy, while the Zimmer 483 style is kinda inbetween.

Ugh why do they have to tag ”J-14 and Tokio Hotel” all over the posteR? =( Oh well i’m gonna try to get it soon =]

Noo, 🙁
We dont have j-14 in Australia, or atleast ive never checked. My mum is going out to work today, i’ll get her to check on her way home to see if she can stop at the shops. We probaly dont have it though =[

Naw, they picked amazing pictures to put into the magazine, haha! <3
Bill’s absouletly gorgeous, (:
And the poster, <33333

Haha, wait. Bill isnt dating Lady Gaga. Haha, 🙂
Or is he :O


(The last photo shown is actually my desktop background!) =D


I’m not a Tokio hotel LOVER. But I got it. & I saw the J-14 picture. It’s cool

I subscribe. (:

Yeah I already got the magazine and the pictures are awesome. Thanks for posting this though! As much as I love the Durch den Monsun style and the lion mane style my favourite on him is the Rette Mich style!

I like his lion mane hairstyle lol probably because when I first started liking them that’s the hairstyle he had (and I fell in love with=) and the third pic is stupid! why would he do out with lady gaga!? i hate her!

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