To the obama supporters what the hell you mean the Clinton’s supporter will fall in line?are y’all bulling us?

Boss or my mom or dad,keep talking we fall in line right behind mccain

Come around? HA

This will be my first time voting this november, because I am just now turning 18… Well I was so excited to vote for Hilary! I was actually thrilled =D But then things happened as they did… Now I dont know what to do… I dont want to vote for Obama… But I definately dont want to vote for McCain… So what I think will happen is that a lot of Hilary supporters wont fall into line but just simply wont vote

I have no idea what I am going to do yet…

There are liberal Repubs and conservative Dems. There are extremists in both events. voters could carefully come to a decision even if their social gathering and its candidate are quite reflecting the values of that social gathering. If no longer, then they ought to vote for the candidate that reflects their own values. do not forget that the president isn’t the ‘very last observe’ on some thing. there are diverse seats interior the abode and Senate up for grabs. If Clinton supporters can’t deliver themselves to vote for Obama, they can, although, vote for Democrats interior the abode and Senate, who will keep the checks and balances operating if McCain is elected. same is going for Republicans. in the experience that they are nervous about Obama, they ought to vote more beneficial Repubs into the abode and Senate.

Your boss, mom and dad are right. Most of the Hillary supporters will be voting for McCain if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination. I’m all for that. We need to show the Obama supporters that Obama can’t threaten us into anything and he’s just a racist pig for trying.

“There will be racial riots across the country if I’m not elected.”
Barack Obama

If anyone believes that Hillary’s views are closer to McCain’s than to Obama’s they haven’t been reading ANY of the information put out by the various campaigns.

Hillary and McCain are completely opposed in policy positions.

If you don’t care whether we stay in Iraq or not, if you don’t care whether we give the middle class a tax cut or not, if you don’t care whether all US citizens get medical care or not – then yes, I guess there’s no difference between McCain’s policies and Hillary’s.

Even HILLARY has said she’ll support Obama if he’s chosen as the candidate – everyone else needs to just get over it.

I am falling in line behind McCain. I really don’t want to vote for him, but I won’t vote for Obama for so many reasons.

Freedle S – You said it!

All I know is that if Hillary Clinton is not the nominee, she will support her party and vote for Obama come November.

Anyone who sincerely thinks McCain is a better candidate should vote for him. But not voting for Obama as punishment doesn’t make sense to me.

Obama has done nothing but run a successful campaign.

lol at the obamabots….left wing nut jobs have only won the office one time and that was Carter! he was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad that he almost didn’t get to run for a second term LOL

LOL Fall in line.. what are you drinking.. Its done for me.. moving forward to McCain.. when the time comes.

It’s the arrogance of Obama and the DNC’s inability to manage it’s way out of a paper bag that has me voting McCain . . .

because they are trying to sound cool and tough clinton supporters should go with mccain.

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