Thoughts about Natasha Richardson’s recent passing?

I think it’s tragic. She was a beautiful and talented actress. I loved her performance in parent trap, i watched it a few days ago. She was crucial to my childhood. I wanted her to be my mom! I know she’s in Heaven, but she will be missed :[

I’m very sad. She starred in one of my favorite films, A Handmaid’s Tale. I had the great pleasure to meet her (and the author of the wonderful novel the film was based on) not long after that film was released. Ms. Richardson was charming, a great conversationalist and not at all snobbish or stuck-up, as so many celebrities tend to be. The Hollywood film & TV community has lost a beautiful, talented and highly underrated actress.

I am heartbroken I grew up looking for a mother because as a child I didn’t really have one so I searched for one in movies and as a child The Parent Trap was my favorite movie and I based a lot of my opinions on what a mother should be like on that movie. She was a great influence on my childhood and I cried when I heard about her death she was a great actress and a beautiful woman. She died much to young. Hopefully through her movies she will be remembered for a very long time.

It is a heartbreaker. For someone who came from the royal family of acting, she was delightfully un-actressy, which made her very relatable in all her roles. We were all comfortable with her, rather than awed by her, and that’s part of what made her such a great actress. We saw the characters she played, rather than “the actress Natasha Richardson.” Few well-known actors achieve that, sadly.

She led a dignified life and achieved success in a world populated with people who value celebrity over craft. That we’ve never seen her sons before this tragedy is evidence of her priorities. We’ve lost a great talent, but they’ve lost their touchstone. My thoughts and prayers are with all who knew and loved her.

my thoughts? who gives a s%%t? why is everyone so concerned when some actor/actress dies. why are we bombarded daily with news of this crap. report it and drop it. there are far more important things going on in this country than some rich person dying. and frankly, i’ve heard enough of it.

Too young…very sad. She was a good actress too. Say a prayer for her…

I know, I was shocked when I read about it.

I never thought about it.

……Deepest sympathies to her friends and family.

Didn’t care.

very sad 🙁

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