Socialization issues? Your opinions?

I went back and forth on this issue…on one hand, I wanted to socialize my young pup and get him used to other dogs, people etc….Great DONE!

On the other hand, I see him react differently to different dogs while we’re walking, some he ignores, some he probably would bite if given the freedom to do so,…

You scare me sometimes.

I was writing a question (and YA was acting up) that I feel is along the same lines as yours.

I have NO idea where this socialization being an absolute came from.

A dog with a stable temperament should be able to live in seclusion and come out and have no issues in the real world.

I see it all the time with show dogs. Dogs who have not been off their property, they come to a show and its no big deal.

Growing up I sure did not see people out socializing their dogs, yet their dogs were fine in all aspects of life.

My youngest Pomeranian never met a stranger, human or dog. He certainly did not need “socializing”, nor did my other two dogs.

Honest to goodness I think this idea of socializing goes with the bunny hugging stuff that we see today. AND I think people use it as a cop out for ill mannered dogs so they can say “oh it was not socialized as a puppy” and then can blame all foul behavior for that.

It is very important to me though to have a dog that is reliable in public with people and other animals. I will not own/tolerate otherwise. Therefore I bring dogs into my life who have rock solid temperaments.

UNLG: My real life job has to do with training Equines, so it is at least animal related

I see no reason for a dog to have to play with another dog. I want them to be aware of another dog/persons presence, accept it/ move on without loosing focus on me or the task at hand. I like my dogs to see dogs/ ignore them/ and be fine.

I do not like a dog that is superfriendly with strangers or other dogs.

Well since I have given up showing and breeding Cavs for about a year now and am strictly tending bar….I guess my job is still related to dogs…I see em every night, bellied up to the bar lol Nah, I just became a certified CGC instructor. So I am doing training classes in my area and doing testing. I still groom dogs out of my home too…so yeah, My life will always be very dog focused

I prefer my dogs to ignore dogs on walks. I don’t require them to love all dogs. I’d rather them be indifferent. I have five, so they have plenty of friends at home to socialize with. One is extremely strange dog aggressive and the others are indifferent. They’ll sniff another dog, but that’s it. Some they look at like WTF and keep walking.

I was very proud of my Akita/Shepherd mix yesterday. A small underfed bluetick mix came bounding out followed by two kids. He was more alarmed at the children than the dog. He completely ignored it while it barked at us and circled.

Unlegit: It used to be. Now it’s more like stay-at-home-woman/working online at home. I learned from working with animals that I love working with MY dogs, not the public’s.

I could care less if my dog wanted to play with other dogs or not.
He’s MY dog, not the friendly neighbourhood dog park dog.

I’m with you – as long as he is polite on his leash, that is all I care about. I also wish the ridiculous less than intelligent owners that let their dog pull on the leash barging up to my dog, panting like the thing has contracted rabies would just get bent and do the world a favour and stay home. Then they look at me in disgust as my dog gives them a warning to stay back.

I already know certain dogs trigger my dog – dominant large males, dogs that act like the above example, intact large males.

As far as strangers go, I don’t see the need for it. He isn’t super friendly with strangers. I wouldn’t even say he is friendly, not mean, but not friendly.
He was socialized with people up to the extent with the people who come to our house to visit. He is comfortable with them and friendly with them. Other than that I expect him to react the same way he does to dogs – to pass them by with no notice or care and act politely.

ADD: Which answer was deleted? I didn’t read them all before I answered…

well to me its not very important to have a super friendly dog because my dog is already passed that training stage. my dog is 8 years old and she was abused before we got her and she hates other dogs and tall men. we dont know why exactly but we figured it to be from the abuse of her former owner. shes really a sweet dog if your not a tall guy. when people come to the door sometimes she lays on her belly and begs you to pet her or she growls kinda low and keeps an eye on you. im perfectly ok with that because she is controllable even if she doesnt like this person. if you cant control your dog when he sees a person or a dog or something then that would be an issue.

no i dont have a career with dogs even though i would like one. actually i dont have a career at all. im too young 🙂

As long as my dog isn’t aggressive toward other dogs, I’m happy.

Sure, it’s fun to have a friendly dog. But it’s not totally necessary.

Unlegit: I’m still on the job hunt for a part-time job. I’m a student right now; floating around the business college and trying to decide what major I want to go with. So we’ll see.

ADD: @Aphrodite – when I answered, Greekman also had an answer up.
No idea who would have reported it.

I also don’t see the need for my dogs to “play nice” with other dogs. All I want is for my dogs to be neutral to other dogs, thats it. THey dont need to play with other dogs, they have us and they have each other. I just don’t want aggression towards other dogs.

As for people, again, I see no need for my dogs to have to want to play and be nice to strangers. My Lab loves anyone and everyone and is a big attention seeker. My GSDs are quite aloof. With most people (there are some exceptions), they just don’t care about them. They do not seek attention (but do seek much attention from us and our close social circle). That is fine with me. So long as they are not fearful, or aggressive, they don’t have to be outgoing.

Unlegit – hopefully it will be!!

Um, we are missing an answer???? I know the writer wouldn’t delete, was it seriously reported???

I do believe in stabilization training. A dog must be conditioned to accept other dogs and people without aggression or nervousness. But that does not extend to the extreme. I don’t believe in doggie day cares or doggie free-for-alls.

And fwiw, I’ve found it somewhat annoying that people equate socialization with dogs running around in a dog park off leash…just being dogs.

A dog learns nothing, nor does the handler. It can learn to bully, and intimidate..and become a habitual brawler. It can condition a dog that is off-lead to immediately run to other dogs rather than recall. It is conditioning that is hard to break.

The trainer I blame for this nonsense (puppy parties) is Ian Dunbar. To my recollection, he came out with this in the 1990’s. It started in California and swept the nation and the advent of “dog parks” came with it.

I recall walking my doberman years ago on the street, and I would be constantly approached by people wanting to pet the dog.

I admit – it annoyed me. I was out with my dog, on my time, which was fit in between my work and busy schedule, and this was something I didn’t want to share. I was not advertising as a doggie therapist for orphans, mothers, or derelicts need of attention.

Its one of the reasons I started walking my dogs in the bush at night…the perverts are more discriminating.

it is actually very important to me to have a friendly dog … i don’t need her to form life lasting relationships with strangers or strange dogs but i do expect her to not bite or bark at other dogs … when i see a dog that barks or lunges or in any way can not tolerate the site of another dog, it is perfectly clear that person did not know how to train their dog … and who wants to walk by dogs that lunge and bark, no one does … but i also do not need my dog to say hi to every dog we come across … i walk my dog off leash and she stays by my side … some dog owners take my off leash dog as in invitation for their poorly trained dogs to say ‘hi” and i don’t allow that … so i don’t think is important to “make friends” with strange dogs, but i think it is important to socialize enough that a dog is non-reactive to dogs and things in the environment … but i do think a super friendly dog is more balanced than an unfriendly dog or merely tolerant dog … and i have found dogs are a reflection of their owners …

i work as a dog sitter/walker …

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