Science fair: school lunches?

Ok so my science fair is on how nutricious my schools lunches are. i was wondering if there was a site on what junior high kids need to eat everyday, etc? thanks!

yes its called foodworks i think … its a program that you write in all the food you eat a day, your weight, your height and how old you are and it will tell you if you are getting enough calcium, energy, protein etc

Hope I HElped!!! good luck with your science fair

Simple, you just need to think.

Most kids at my school, and previous schools I’ve been to eat:
– Pizza
– Chicken tenders
– Gatorade/water
– Cookies
– Chips
– Soda *if they have them*
– Jell-O
– Fries

That’s what I usually get too. Not all of that, but some of the stuff from the list.

Here you go. Check this site out:…

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