Saul Alinsky: the Conservative’s Achilles’ Heel?

In his younger and more optimistic years, Barack Obama was a community organizer. Republican clods, unable to articulate why uniting neighborhoods, churches and business associations for the common good is a sin against the white man, will nonetheless try and tar Obama with this pedigree whenever they want to cast…

I read your piece with much interest and would like to ask about this:

‘…penning canuck letters…’ . How does Canada figure in all of this?

Also, when someone extolls, it is exactly the same as trumpeting- it’s praise.

Scumbaggery? Change that to chicanery.

Have a lovely day!


You’re asking conservatives about Alinsky, but nevermind Ayers, Byrd, Rev. Wright, or any of that ilk. Doesn’t matter who democrats associate with.

Why do you want Obama to finish off this country? We’re already spinning around the bowl as it is. We’re drowning in debt and soon, thanks to Obama. We will be hard pressed to be able to afford gas for our cars, and putting food on the table. Obama is too stupid to lead this country into prosperity. Instead, he insists on worrying about his golf scores.

Your rant was long and nonsensical. Few people will bother to read it. Go crawl back under your rock.

Wayyy too long.

Keep it short and sweet, and you’ll be more effective.

Great job! You’re a moonbat! Please drink more of the DNC’s delicious home-brewed koolaid to celebrate!

and then there was “Barry”…..…


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