Reading from notes vs. using a teleprompter – can anyone explain what’s the difference is?

Obama uses a teleprompter, McCain reads notes verbatim.
Obama gets criticized, McCain does not.

Bush often used a teleprompter.

Why the difference?


unfortunately people will find everything wrong with obama, i wish i could explain to you why

There is no real difference except one is high tech, the other low tech. Reagan carried 5″ x 7″ note cards around to prompt him of things to say. Difference era, different technology. I’d rather have a president read off a teleprompter and get it right the first than to have to go back and correct himself from time to time, especially when making important speeches that effect the world.

ANYONE can use a teleprompter to give a good speech. All that is required is the ability to read.
Notes, on the other hand, are merely guides to keep the speaker on track. Notes are NOT pre-written speechs, whereas a teleprompter is.
All good speakers, even professional ones use notes as a guide for what they want to say.
The REAL test comes when spontaneous questions are asked and the speaker must rely on his/her own knowledge/experience.
l have seen speechs done both ways and I think those who take the time and trouble to make notes, as a guide, are more sincere, than someone who has their speech all written out beforehand.

The use of a teleprompter was meant to ensure that your eyes are lined up with the audience, as you don’t have to look down at notes. However, if you read from a teleprompter without engaging with the audience now and again, then it looks shifty.

I think that many in the media will criticise Obama just because he is a newcomer and not of the political establishment.

The technical difference between a teleprompter and notes is that, with a teleprompter the reader does not have to look down in order to read.

It isn’t a debate about teleprompter or que cards.

The teleprompter became an issue ONLY when “fans” start claiming that Obama’s elequence and powerfully delivered speeches = a good President. The point is that he isn’t elequent or charismatic without the teleprompter.

Lets examine this little process. Obama reads from a teleprompter
like a news anchor does on TV. Its called rhythm reading. When
McCain uses notes he is not doing the same thing. He is contexting
where he is in the message. Obama’s reading from the teleprompter
is for a multitude of reasons. None of which you would like to hear
or read.

Notes are just that…….reminders. Usually not the full sentences or paragrahps. Teleprompters spell out the whole story or speech………so you can just read the whole thing.

Obama is criticized for not being able to coherently answer random questions, not for using a teleprompter.

Have you been to a McCain town hall event? He has Q/A sessions. He doesn’t know what he is going to be asked. Obama just packs arenas and delivered a prepared speech.

The difference is the supposedly liberal media doesn’t care that McCain is a bumbling fool.

McCain forgetting a question he’s JUST been asked (outside of friendly town hall setting):

McCain unable to even read his script (while pimping out his wife):

The guy is an idiot! He needs to calm down.

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