Purchasing a truck, is this worth it?

Hey all, Im thinking about purchasing a 1994 toyota shortcab 4×2 manual pickup from an ex coworker. From what we’ve discussed he’s probably going to sell it for between 800 and 1100. It has 234k miles on it. I just need something to get me through another 1 and a half of school till I get a real job. Is…

If it needs anything at all to be a daily driver I would pass. There are plenty of cars out there that get better gas mileage with lower miles that could be had for around $1000.

It is a one wheel drive vehicle unless it was a ‘special order’ truck with posi-a-traction rear end. Most what are called 4 wheel vehicles are only two wheel drive. A true 4 wheel drive has two differentials. If it was a Nissan or Toyota then I would say it is probably a reasonable deal.. but a (S10) have the dealership check it out. Then after their report (if all is good) offer the person $5,000.00 cash. I would be very concerned about the front end (upper and lower ball joints, tie rods) and automatic transmission. Ask him how often the automatic Trans has been serviced in the life of the truck. Should be done every 25,000 miles. Did another young person own the vehicle or a man or woman? Each drive their vehicles differently.

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