Pregnant and feeling lonely?

Hi, Im 17 weeks pregnant and sometimes i feel really alone with it. I know in a way i am, but its hardest on weekends when i see my friends and partner having fun drinking/smoking… and knowing i shouldnt/cant be doing those things is reeeealy hard. Sinse we found out i was pregnant both myself and my partner…

yea i know the feeling.look at it as more time to bond with your new bundle of joy. read books on pregnancy, i always found it fun. and dont worry too much, soon everyone will want to be around you. congrats

You’re normal. Perhaps it’d help if your partner did the decent thing and backed you up. After all, you’re going to need the money he’ll save, and if you’re around him smoking all the time you may as well smoke yourself. Tell him this is his kid too and he’ll have to quit before it’s born! As for the friends, if they can’t make allowances for you occasionally, try and make a couple of new ones – ante-natal class is a good place to start!

In the meantime take the beers back out of the supermarket trolley and banish him to the back garden for each and every cig. Anyone noticed what a filthy wet summer we’re having? <evil grin>

I don’t know where you are, but you’re welcome to email me for a natter (I’m an old bat with 4 teenagers and other domestic wildlife)

Good for you for not smoking and drinking.
You are making sure you baby has the best start.
Maybe your partner could be more supportive and stop smoking(i assume he does this, possibly around you?) and not go out as much or stop altogether. It’s only for a little while after all.
I’m not a drinker or smoker so that side of pregnancy for me was a breaze. But i did feel i’d lost some of my inderpedance and felt jealous of those who could go out and have a good time. I’m sure it will pass. 🙂

you have a ideal to experience lonely. He seems incredibly self absorbed. i’m hoping this is not any longer the way he acts as quickly as the toddler is born. you could desire to start putting out with your guy or woman friends. the greater severe element a woman can do is get all caught up in a guy and lose herself. Then while the guy isn’t there the female does not experience finished. female you’re finished devoid of that guy, seize a number of your females, flow see the fireworks and have a ball!!!

You are doing what is best for you and your baby. Just think about it, you have to give up 9 months for a life time of happiness. As long as you stay healthy, you will have a healthy baby.
5 months is all you have left to do, to guarantee the health of your baby. Hang in there, it is worth it for you and your baby.

You’re on the way towards a healthy lifestyle…he should be too. Time for both of you to quit smokin n drinkin…before the baby is born. We should ALL quit. ….stop supporting the government…they waste the money they get from taxes from it.
Of course we know it’s not healthy.
Boyfriend should suffer and quit with you….and enjoy a healthy baby and a healthy lifestyle.

That sounds like hormones to I dont drink or smoke but I felt lonely and I have no idea why I just did. It will pass just think positive thoughts.

sweety this baby came into your live for a reason to make a change… you gotta make a change…. stop smoke not only while the baby is growing inside of you but when its growing outside of your body… find friends that are doing right… because your friends havent realize that they need to mature and do the right thing so you need to break the cycle and do whats best for you and youre family

Sounds to me like yur partner is a bit insensitive. I quit drinking when my wife was pregnant, and spent alot more time at home with her, because she was complaining of the same thing.

I understand the lonely part, I cry every time my husband leaves for work! lol
As for the drinking/smoking thing its probably your hormones,
I used to drink on occasion and now that I’m pregnant it smells so good, but I would rather my baby be healthy, so I don’t drink any.

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