POLL: Have you ever pooped your pants (as a teen/adult)?

No have you?

No. Last time I pooped my pants I was 6 and my mom didn’t let me use the bathroom so I pulled off my pants and pooped standing in the doorway. Neither of of were happy.

I did when I was eleven… I was sick, and also had diarrhea. I slept on a loft bed and I had to go to the bathroom every ten minutes. So, one time I had to go, I held it in, and then I farted on accident, and you know the rest. Yeah… No one saw me though. I had to change my underpants and my pants. 😛 never done it since.

no, but my boyfriend did lol my boyfriend drives dumptruck, and he farted, but a little more came out lmao he had to find a porta pottee pronto lmao

Nope never.

I think your just waiting for a yes…

Yes I have.


no not yet


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