Name (other than the US) first world or developed countries without National Universal Healthcare?

Here is a link to a world map of countries with Universal Healthcare:

I have friends in several of these countries and they are very satisfied with the care. This includes people who have had serious illnesses including cancer.

Why is it that…

problem with universal healthcare is that it doesnt fix the problem.

what we’re talking about is universal health insurance, NOT universal healthcare.

Unless you control the costs, the insurance rates go up no matter what…. and than you make it mandatory and we’re in trouble.

Im all for the government running healthcare, its a great idea, lets do it. Free clinics, free hospitals, im in. BUT dont make me buy health insurance to give money to public companies.

Okay, so according to this forum there are no developed countries without national universal healthcare, except the United States. We re the only one. Come on folks, can t you name even one other country? How about if we open it to undeveloped countries? Name any country that does not have national universal healthcare.

Most folks just repeat the propaganda put out by lobbyists for the HMOs (the industry that stands to lose the most if we ever create a more effecient system than we have now) that was used to defeat health care reform in the 1990s.

Once you get down to investigating the metrics (how long do you wait to see a specialist, types of procedures, and so on), you find out we don’t look so good according to the metrics, and this is on top of having 40 million people with no health care coverage, paying more than any other country in the world per capita in taxes to support the health care system we have, and so on.

The health care system here sucks by every reasonable measure.

And contrary to the propaganda, there is a growing industry called medical tourism, and it is Americans, more than citizens of any other country, that are flocking to lower cost countries to have procedures and treatments done.

Unlike many of the contributors, I live in a country with universal health care. I would hate to live in US which relies on charity hospitals or insurance. Some of the best doctors are very happy to work in the NHS in UK because they believe that they have a calling. The problem with US type of health care is that
a) it can bankrupt families
b) when insurance companies are prepared to pay unnecessary operations may be carried out
c) health care should be available for all at the same level
d) There are often no queues for doctors. In France for example you are seen almost immediately and if you have something life-threatening like cancer you are operated on almost immediately. Should you require chemo then a taxi will pick you up from your home and take you to the hospital…wait until you have had the treatment and then bring you back home. Not only that you meet the teams of nurses and doctors who will be treating you and you get to choose which team you want to treat you. All for free!
e) and most importantly,universal health care does NOT rely on either your status or your finances.

There aren’t any. I’ve made it a point too, to ask people through business overseas, what they think of their health care systems. Al of them are satisfied (even those that consider themselves conservative). They don’t see what the big deal is with the US not getting it. They think we’re nuts paying what we do.

Edit; Kirk Spock: They don’t flock here. That’s the point. That is a lie of the Right. We have the highest infant mortality, the highest general mortality, yet the highest cost of any industrialized country.

Look, the question of UHC is more than long lines, reduced care, increased tax burdens, etc. All of that can be debated. The issue for me, and I think for many other Americans, is that I do not want the government to adopt me and take away my freedom of choice. When and if the state controls my health care, they will control what I can eat, what I can drink, vice-control like cigarettes and alcohol…Part of being an American of is the freedom to make bad choices, I do not need or want the Government & thier experts to tell me what to do, how to do it, and where to do it, etc.

I can name a few. But they have crap healthcare systems as well.

For those who think that the US healthcare SYSTEM is great, look at my links. Remember that children die in the USA that would have had a better chance of life if they were born in Western Europe.

“I have friends in several of these countries and they are very satisfied with the care”

I lived in one of those countries. Russia.
And I would not wish National Universal Health care on anyone. You end-up paying twice.
They take money out as tax, and then you pay out of your pocket when you actually have a problem that needs to be solved.

I cant think of one..

I watched a segment on Paris and their UHC system. I was amazed. I can’t imagine walking into a chemist shop and asking for Imitrex and not pay a dime.

In all honesty, I almost cried…

If I could afford to move to Paris I would…

I pay close to $50 for my prescriptions and I have BC/BS. Can you imagine what one pays when they have inferior insurance or worse yet, none at all

A. If you want to base your health care needs from a group of friends, then that’s okay for you. But please understand that there some people who would like to have more sources of information beyond you and your friends.

B. If universal or socialized health care is so great, then why do many of them come to the United States for critical services?

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