My 10 yr old daughter just told me that my 15 year old son was “touching” her when he was here to visit.

My 12 yr old son backed up her story and said his brother showed them pornography and tried to get the 12 yr old to have sex with his baby sister. My older son lives with their father in another state. Their father does not believe them – he says she has lied and accused her brother of hitting her before when he…

This needs to be addressed within the family court system, this also needs to be addressed with your local law enforcement agency, now.

This is a tip of the iceberg point where your action, or inaction will make your break the lives of your children.

You have 3 children in danger from a 4th child–who is also in danger. He needs to be stopped now and, at his age, may be sexually curious–not a pedophile. You can’t afford an attorney, but can you afford to endanger your children? Your daughter has witnesses to give credence to her story. Also, why does the 15 year old know where to find porn on-line? You have an additional problem there. Finally-he tried to get the 12 year old to have sex with his baby sister! You must call Child Protective Services now. If you need a lawyer, borrow the money. How can you do any less than everything in your power to stop this before it becomes a rape?

You need to contact the authorities. You may be able to keep your daughter away from him, but who will protect other children who will interact with him? He needs help, and so does your 12 yr old and your daughter. This can be very damaging if you let it go without counseling.

All I have been given to assert we do issues in this existence cuz we would desire to. i’m unlikely to positioned up on your question as a stranger and say you have not have been given any precise to be a mom. yet according to danger you’re in some techniques. Down the line the youngsters are going to shrink to rubble whilst a kin tragic difficulty happenes thats what is going. i’m attempting to enable you recognize interior the tip in case you reside you would be there mom..As going for the motherly place you would be pracaticing that allot whilst being around those teenagers. I purely would view your recommendations. My father left, my sister and that i’ve got been fairly undesirable in the direction of my mom..each and every so often teenagers could be nasty yet interior the tip I felt gulit for what i had finished. IT made my dating with my mom extra suitable. stable success I was hoping I helped.

Tough position to be in. Start with your State’s Department of Family Services. Lay it out for them. They should be able to advise you on how to get a temporary, at least, injunction delaying the visit until an investigation can take place.

I think you should contact child protective services and have your son get the help he needs..before he really seriously does some damage to someone… Think of all the other kids he comes into contact with that he may also be ruining their lives.. get your kids into counseling also… so they can deal with the issues

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