Motorcycle engine parts?

Does anyone know what the part of motorcycle engine in which the exhaust pipes come out of?
Sorry really vague but im not sure how else to describe it

Back in my day we called them jugs with an exhaust ports.

Books, I don’t need stinking books. LMOMBO The part you missed is back in the day. I road for over 10 years and built several racing bikes, both dirt and street. If it was not for marriage, kids and a bad wreck I would still be riding. I’m just surprised you didn’t know what a port was. These were terms we, key word here is we, used when we, key word here is we, built our engines. Sorry if this did not fit your narrative, but you should not allow yourself to get so upset and speak with such negativity over terms someone uses.

On a two stroke engine the exhaust is attached to the cylinder block
On a four stroke engine the exhaust is attached to the cylinder head
The pipe that runs from the exhaust port either in the head or block is called a down tube or header
the bit where they meet is called a collector the actual exit or silencer is called a can

Chris don’t talk tosh on a four stroke
The HEAD is the combustion chamber with valves spark plug and inlet and exhaust ports
The Rocker or cam cover is the bit on the top
On a two stroke
The head is the combustion chamber with the spark plug hole…

or for those who use wikki…

chris your foundation is totally WRONG

Philip. P – The exhaust never comes out of the cylinder head.. On nearly all engines, the cylinder head covers components such as valves.. the exhaust is situated below these valves, exiting out the front of the cylinder barrel.

I challenge you to find an engine where the exhaust comes out of the head.

So to answer your questing, the exhaust comes out of the cylinder barrel. Below this is the crankcase (on a standard setup bike) and above the cylinder barrel is the cylinder head.

Your exhaust pipe or pipes bolt to the exhaust flange(s) of your cylinder head(s).

It is the exhaust flange or ports of the cylinder head.

Exhaust port. Not sure what you mean??? They have these things called books, pick one up and read it. I’m sorry. I’m grumpy today. I got my *** handed to me Monday and still butt hurt. My 5 speed is just to slow. Grrrr.

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