List your top 10 Korean/ Japanese dramas?

Just thinking what to watch next ^^;;

>Oh! my lady – 1st ep was a bit boring but AMazing when it kicks off!)

>Boys before Flowers (japanese version and korean version!) why are the guys so hot?! haa

>Hana Kimi – CLASSIC!

> Cinderella sister – a bit depressing just makes you think but must saying O_O!

> Absolute boyfriend! – ahhh i loved this!!!

>Atashinchi no Danshi – haha my chinese friend even loved this! (hard to impress her)!!!

>Gokusen – a little bit different hehee !!

>Proposal Daisakusen – hehe yamashita sooo kawaii!! ~~

>The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince – ahhh hehehe after watching this korean drama, i keep watching KOREAN!

>Personal Preference/taste ~(i am watching this right now, begining is a bit slow but then its getting good!!

the websites i use are : (ALL my korean drama’s , good quality)
www, (japanese dramas/films) ( alternate suggestion when my net fails haha)

HOPE I HELPED YA!!! 😀 ^___^ teehehehe xx

Japanese Dramas List

I don’t watch many Japanese dramas so my answer will consist of Korean and a few Taiwanese dramas 😀
In no particular order:
Boys Before Flowers (Korean and Japanese version of this are well done)
It Started With a Kiss and They Kiss Again (Taiwanese)
Smiling Pasta (Taiwanese)
The 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince
Shining Inheritance
Full House
My Lovely Sam Soon
Spring Waltz
My Girl

Okay, I love Korean dramas so much that you can call me an addict. I love the cute, funny and sweet stories but what I love most are dramas that are more than just a love story- a drama filled with mystery and twists that the ending can never be predicted. So, here’s my list. I hope you’d take the time to watch ’em so you’ll know why :
1.Swallow the Sun
2. Green Rose
3. Lobbyist
4. East of Eden
5. A Man Called God
6. Iris
7. Save the Last Dance For Me
8. Shining Inheritance
9. Lovers
10. Which Star Are You From

1. You’re Beautiful
2. Boys Over Flowers
3. Princess Hours aka Goong
4. Atashinchi no Danshi
5. Full House
6. Hana Yori Dango
7. I Am Sam
8. Mei Chan no Shitsuji
9. Personal Taste
10. Oh! My Lady

in no particular order 🙂

Liar Game
Last Friends
Hi My Sweetheart
Fated To Love You
Hana Kimi
Your Beautiful

lol some of them are Taiwanese

You can watch them all at mysoju with eng subs!

korean dramas’re beautiful
2.loving you a thousand times
3.lets go to the beach again
5.bad family
6.sweet spy princess
8.take care of young lady the last dance for me love patzzi

Boys before flowers
You’re beautiful
Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun ~ Only because TaeMin from SHINee stars in it ^^
Please marry me
Cinderella’s sister
High kick
Mishcievous kiss
Three brothers

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