Liar or Truth-teller?

At a party of truth-tellers and liars, you meet a new friend. He tells you he overheard a conversation in which a girl revealed her identity saying she was a liar. Is your new friend a liar or a truth-teller?

If the girl is a truth teller, she will tell she is a truth teller. If she is a liar, she will tell she is a truth teller too. So, noone at the party will tell he/she is a liar. It means my new friend is a liar

A liar. Had the girl been a truth-teller, she would not have said that, but had she been a liar she wouldn’t have been truthful in her identity. Therefore, your friend could not have heard that, and is telling a lie.

A lovely paradoxical-seeming statement, unsolvable on the surface, but if you look deeper…!

A LIAR because it’s a mixed party of truth-tellers and liars and more so due to alcoholic effects.

If friend lies, than the other girl may never have said anything
If friend is truthful, the other girl is a liar.

Either of these may happen, so you don’t know yet.
I do think you are missing a statement from the riddle though.

(of course, all women are liars, so the friend is probably telling the truth 🙂 )

it is impossible to say because he said he overheard a conversation about the girl, that means the girl said it then someone heard it and was telling their friend when your friend was walking by and then he told you, so he could be the truth and really did hear the person or he didnt and just wanted a story to tell

if he is a truth then is the person who heard the girl a liar? if not THEN we can think about the girl

in conclusion i think you told the joke wrong

Truth teller for sure.

They are a liar


He is a liar, definitly

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