Jews: Do you mind Christians using your Holy Scriptures?

Do you mind Christians using your Holy Book with the New Testament appended to it? Do you find this sacrilegious? Do you feel honored…or you’re just neutral about it?
What are your views on the inclusion of the so-called deuterocanonical books (such as Maccabees, Judith, Tobit, etc.) in the Old Testament of…

Personally, what I always found objectionable about it was the hypocrisy. Christians *claim* to believe in those books, but then they pull this preposterous Chinese menu pick-and-choose routine (one from column A and two from column B). They get all on about the “Holy Bible” and how it’s “God’s word” and all, but then turn a completely blind eye to whatever parts they don’t happen to like. So they get all up-in-arms about sin– but not *all* sin, only the sins that *they* happen to find objectionable.

So homosexuality is Right Out. You have to follow the Ten Commandments. Some churches are against *dancing*. Or drinking. There’s always a healthy list of sins around that people are supposed to avoid. But what about not eating pork or shellfish? What about being circumcised? What about wearing tzitsit (fringes)? Atoning for sins on Yom Kippur? Bring up *these* things to Christians, and you get this hand-wave about how The Law no longer applies. Despite the fact that *Jesus himself* said that he did NOT come to change the law, and that Jesus in general *did* follow the law. Well if The Law doesn’t apply, then where did all those other sins come from that somehow Christians claim *do* still apply? If The Law doesn’t count anymore, why isn’t homosexuality ok? Or adultery? Or bearing false witness? Or ignoring the Sabbath (and we won’t even get into the hypocrisy here where they somehow moved the Sabbath to Sunday despite the fact that God clearly and repeatedly declares it as Saturday)?
We had one guy on here all concerned about whether getting a tattoo was a sin; how can that be a sin if The Law doesn’t apply?

My personal favorite is Passover. In the Bible, God clearly proclaims that you have to celebrate Passover. Clearly lays it out as an *eternal* law (Leviticus 23:21: “it is a statute for ever in all your dwellings throughout your generations”). What’s more, *Jesus* followed it. Jesus *goes out of his way* in the New Testament to observe the Passover seder– that’s what the Last Supper was. There’s just no getting around the fact that this is what you’re supposed to do, and if you love Jesus and want to be like him, you would surely celebrate Passover.

So God says to celebrate Passover. The Son of God says to celebrate Passover. So why don’t Christians celebrate Passover? Because *Paul*– a mere mortal man– says they don’t have to. This is the root of all Christian hypocrisy: they’d rather follow the word of a man than the word of God. I never could understand it until I started reading the New Testament, and realized just how much Christianity isn’t Christianity at all, it’s Paulianity.

P.S. One excuse that people sometimes give is “Oh, *those* laws only apply to the Jews!” Well, of course that would still leave many of my objections in place: why doesn’t no homosexuality or no adultery or honor thy mother and father only apply to the Jews? But moreover, Christians, how do *you* know that you *aren’t* a Jew? Your family has probably been Christian for a very long time; how do you know you’re not descended from the earliest Christians who were Jewish?

1. I’ve thought a lot about it and I think the only reason Christianity is slightly normal (unlike Islam – hey you said not to be politically correct) is because it was started by a Jew who understood Torah, and it adopted many of the Jewish scriptures. When a religion is started by man it’s BOUND to have problems with it. I think that Islam has some crazy wacked laws, like Sharia law, and an all around messed up attitude towards women, including the fact that reward in heaven is a bunch of virgins (I wonder what the women are supposed to get?). I wouldn’t expect it to be otherwise, though; Islam was started by a random Arab guy who was bored with his life and decided to make his views on life into a religion. Same with Paul, or whoever you want to say started Christianity. He also decided for some reason that he was going to start a different religion. Luckily for him, he was smart enough to try to bring with him some of the Jewish scriptures which he undoubtedly knew held truth – maybe so that Jews would be more willing to join the religion, but maybe just because he wanted his religion to be as close to the truth as possible. And that was an extremely smart decision, because although I think Christianity does have some philosophical faults, its views on the way that people should act are *generally* normal and good, and it’s ONLY because of the Jewish scriptures that it is this way.

I don’t find it sacrilegious and I’m not honored… actually, I find it funny. That Christianity has tried to mesh truth and falsehood. It can’t be done seamlessly, and that’s why there remain potholes in Christianity.

2. I think that all that was added to the Jews’ Torah by Christians or unfaithful Jews – like the New Testament and deuterocanonical books, are not divinely inspired and therefore the mere figment of some man’s imagination and intellect.

3. I think that your belief in Jesus as the messiah is what you must have in order to be Christian. I don’t look down on Christians for it. Sometimes, I can’t get why they don’t get that it’s impossible for Jews to accept him as the messiah and stay Jewish, but if they’re staying where they are and not trying to force Jews to convert, I don’t care if they believe what they believe; it’s up to them not up to me.

4. I happen not to like when Christians preach from the Old Testament and from Jewish works and the like. I think they should stick to their own scriptures, because at least those they’ll be interpreting in the right manner. When they use Jewish works they’re looking at it with the Christian (as opposed to the Jewish) perspective and outlook on life so it can’t be 100% legit. So it irks me a little because I have heard Christians use Jewish scriptures to teach lessons that aren’t necessarily totally in-line with Judaism. So even if it doesn’t *sound* bad, I never accept it as Torah because true Torah can only be taught by Jews who study it and live it with the *Jewish* perspective.

My view of Christianity was formed as a child long before I found Judaism and converted much later in life. None of the Christian teachings made any sense to me — God becomes human? Eternal torment for not “believing”? Virgin birth?

I don’t mind Christians using the Hebrew Bible, but I would very much like to see more Christians understand that the “Old” Testament has been borrowed from Judaism with writings from early Christians attached to it. The “New” Testament amounts to very little without the TaNaKh.

What do I think of the Christian faith — left as a young adult, remained agnostic for many years before discovering Judaism and consequent conversion.

Reform Jew-by-choice

No, few Jews think it’s “sacreligious”. I believe books like Maccabees are actually called “apocryphal”. Jews generally think Jesus existed, but he wasn’t any more the “son” of God than anyone else. Conversely, God in the Bible (or “the Old Testament”) was kind of mean (he was always “smiting” somebody or blowing up cities), whereas in the New Testament, He seemed quite nice. Also, Jews don’t exactly “look down” on Christians, but we often think “well, they certainly only pick and choose between what is convenient for them in the Old Testament; they’ll certainly put anything in their mouths”…

Well i think Christians should be offended too.

It’s a two way street man, the Jews claim Jesus is not the messiah which would tick the Christians off.
While the Christians claim that Jesus is the messiah, which ticks the Jews off.


I love how that Don D guy just pastes that on random questions in the R&S section.
Even though like 5 people including myself have already debunked his somewhat baseless claims.

God’s word belongs to God. Jews are his first chosen people. Gentile believers (Christians) are like the Samaritan woman who believed what God said, in spite of not being a Jew.

Here are some Jewish views on this:…

Jews just fail to understand that the Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism

But as Catholics , we love them none the less

jews book is talmud not TaNaka

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