Jew Arrested in Holocaust museum?

He said

“Thank you Hitler for your wonderful Holocaust that you arranged for us, it’s only because of you that we got a state at the UN”

So he was arrested.

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What do you think of what the Jew…

well he is correct in saying the UN gave the Jews sovereignty because of the Holocaust
they where millions of refuges and Europe they wanted to get rid of
i’m an anti Zionist ex-Jew now christian, but their is one thing i would never do make fun of the suffering of the people of: the Holocaust
the death and suffering of millions is not an issue to make fun off

Because it was untrue, so he was arrested.

The land of Canaan has always belonged to the children of the Covenant..

‘Palestine’ is the name it was given by Hadrian the Roman general, who hated jews and determined to erase all mention of their homeland from the history of the world..( sounds a lot like some world leaders now) and at the end of WW1 the Jewish physicist who helped win the war, was asked what reward he wanted and he asked for Palestine, so that the Jews could return to their spiritual land.. which was a bit tricky because some countries had already agreed to give this to the Arab nations for their help in the war…but God wouldn’t have let that happen anyway because there are prophecies still to happen, very few left though I admit, but nonetheless His word always stands.
Canaan will always belong to the Jewish people because God said so, nearly 5,000 years ago.. and then along came the Haulocast in the past 100 years and we have another Jew-hater who is determined to get rid of them …

Let me start by saying I am Jewish and I believe Israel has the right to exist.

These men are fundamentalists and they also have psychotic personalities. As far as I’m concerned, all fundamentalists – whether they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc – have psychotic personalities and I do not give them any credence. I hope the Court throws the book at them and locks they away for a very long time.

I am all for free speech. However the story implies he didn’t just say it, he graffitied it, which may explain his arrest.

He wasn’t arrested for “saying” anything–he was arrested for spray painting graffiti.

Technically, yes. It was because of the Holocaust that European powers decided to redraw the map to allow for “Jewish” state.

Actually thanking Hitler is definitely disturbing, though.

Even Christians claim that their god works through others and in mysterious ways…

So what’s the difference…

In many ways he’s right. If it weren’t for Hitler, Israel would never have existed…

EDIT: The Kurds don’t have a Bible claiming that their land is promised by their god and have enough people to accept it… it was a self fulfilling ‘prophesy’…


No, there is no excuse for Genocide, nearlly all Jews would be sickened by that statement.

Let the courts handle it; when all the evidence is shown.

finally, a Jew does something wrong.

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