Is poverty the proof of integrity, as Barack Obama says?

Apparently Obama believes that only people in poverty can have integrity…what’s wrong with this statement? Anyone know? (there’s much more than one thing)

“In the months leading up to graduation, I wrote to every civil rights organization I could think of, to any black elected official…

Since Obama is a millionaire, and his wife made six-digits in Illinois, I guess he is saying that we can’t trust either himself or his wife. Good advice.

I don’t know why anyone would say that. Poverty provides no proof of integrity.

Notice how easy it is for liberals with money to associate with people who don’t. It’s easy talking about being poor when you have lots of cash, cash you didn’t have to work for. Compared to Obama poor people do indeed have a lot of integrity.

He is attempting to precondition us to except the inevitable poverty his leftist policies will inflict upon Americans!

He’ll need every cent of it for legal fees when he’s convicted of all the illegalities he’s committed.

If that’s true, we’re all going to have a lot of integrity soon.

Socialists and Communists believe that.

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