Is Obama going to actually win in any of the BIG STATES?

McCain is going to walk all over Obama if he is the nominee. NADER is going to be the one smiling…..taking votes away from Obama.
okay, so obama won in Illinois and NC??? Clinton can win the whole thing based on the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. She can totally whip McCain’s butt. Does Obama really think he can…

OK, here are a few realities from where I stand:

HIlary is done; stick a fork in her. She’s a big ol’ well-roasted turkey who needs to leave the table.

Two, Nader stealing votes from any candidate isn’t something for him to smile about. It will prove only that he cares more about his own ego than about the country. He needs to realize that his country is at a critical crossroads, wake up and smell the Nabob.

Three. Canada will tighten immigration policies against the US should another republican government be elected. Still, I hear Cuba has great healthcare!

Voters in Ohio, PA, and Mich may have preferred Hillary, but I can’t imagine the majority in those states supporting a NAFTA cheerleader like McCain (a self-admitted economic dummy) over Obama.

If people want four more years of Bush policies, then they will vote for McCain. Let’s see, on Iraq and Middle East policy, McCain is a Bush echo, and maybe even more dangerous. Same on health care, where his market based health care plan is the same thing Bush proposed a few years ago. On taxes, McCain favors making Bush’s tax cuts permanent. And the list goes on….

Obama is going to win this election in a landslide. He’ll take the usual Dem friendly states (NY, CA, MA, WA, IL). He will win Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as Michigan. There’s also a good chance he’ll also take Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, New Mexico, and even Montana.

Rendell is a Hillary supporter so anything he says has to be taken in that light. What happened in MA and RI is irrelevant. What does matter is that two weeks before Texas Hillary was ahead by 16 points. By the time of the Texas primary the polls showed them neck and neck and the final results reflected that. Jump forward to today. Two weeks ago the polls had Obama behind by 16 in PA. Today that number has reduced to about 6. It’s very similar to Texas with the end result being the same. The popular vote will be close which means that Hillary will not significantly reduce the delegate margin between her and Obama. On top of that his lead in North Carolina is increasing.

I don’t know how many States Obama will win. I just know that Obama should be the nominee because he is leading in delegates and popular vote. If Hillary supporters hate Obama so much they can vote for McCain. He will just be our next president because just like they don’t want Obama a lot of us don’t want Hillary. Hillary can’t win without the Obama supporters just like Obama can’t win without the Hillary supporters. If Clinton can win over Obama than why isn’t she winning now. He has won way more states then her.

because this letter posted today,I assume you know that Hillary has no chance of being the democratic nominee.her role now is spoiler and the party bosses dont like this at all. Obama has a very good chance of winning over McCain in the general election,when the democratic ticket is not split. and as far as fear of Hillary,the numbers show that its Obama the republicans fear. why do you think Rush Limbaugh wanted all the crossovers to vote for Clinton?

Oh Obama will probably win all the states Kerry won. He is in no way the Democratic hope.

get up of the sofa in your mobile home and get a job and you will have health care ,,and if the republiturds werent scared of obama why did 20% of them in pa. switch parties just so they could vote for hillary,,why ???because they know mccain could walk all over hillary and obama is more electable

Obama will definitely win CA and NY because the people in these states have always voted democrat and always will. The swing states are where he might have problems, especially in Florida.

McCain will lose. People are looking for success in their own lives now, and not just words. He will support the rich.

New York and Illinois are the only big states he will carry.

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