Is a 2012 VW Golf GTi faster than an Audi A3 2.0TFSI?

I’m thinking of buying the Audi and also want sumthing that will beat the g6 gti, technically the engines and the kw are the same.

Try looking at the trader website This shows the A3 as being the quicker of the two.

I handled myself to an Audi A3 1.9TDI recently – i’m greater than impressed with it, yes it expenses just a little extra to buy within the first location, however i’ve located the going for walks expenditures to be very cheep, and may get roughly 50MPG, and it has the turbo which is nippy when required. I’ve pushed faster automobiles, but all in all i’m impressed with the Audi, the interiors are excellent, stereo is just right, climate and cruise control, together with traction manage, so that you get extra ‘perks’ on your money than a golf. Plus while you come to sell the Audi you will have a greater resale value than the golf. Hope this helps. My prior automobile used to be a Mazda which taken care of me for eleven years, these are additionally worth when you consider that for reliability, despite the fact that insurance and going for walks expenditures had been high.

VW. Easier to work on and has cheaper parts. If your pockets are spewing out cash then Audi. Also I believe the gti is lighter and is quicker off the line

right of the bat i would go straight to the audi simply for the luxury branding.VW stands next to toyota and honda,while audi stands next to bmw and mercedes.So although the golf is awesome i would DEFINITELY get the audi.

If you’re interested in speed, why the hell are you looking at two overweight underpowered German tanks? You can easily enough get performance figures using Google, or have a look here..

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