I need to interview an anti-mason conspiracy theorist asap for an article. Please contact, esp. from NJ NY PA

It’s for a magazine article and I am looking to conduct a phone interview with an anti-mason conspiracy theorist who is reasoned and articulate, please. Thanks. Please contact me ASAP.

You are not going to find one. All of the anti-mason stuff is fake. It all based on the tell all book of a man that has been discredited.

Also they talk of the evil at higher levels. THERE ARE NO HIGHER LEVELS.

I have asked many times for any 1st hand accounts of mason doing anything wrong. No one has ever come forward with a story. Only rumours of things thay have heard

there’ll continually be questions.. and there heavily isn’t solutions.. you could no longer debunk a question.. a number of those questions are.. what are the probabilities that the day of the assaults almost all lively fighter jets have been on a conflict video games situation that would not enable them to intercept the hijacked planes.. i think of the surely variety is something in the billions to a million.. the flight instructor that knowledgeable the hijacker that supposedly flew the airplane into the Pentagon, informed a self sustaining action picture maker that ‘”This guy ought to no longer solo a Cessna one hundred fifty … and what I propose via solo is a pilot’s first outing without anybody in the cockpit with him. it incredibly is the main elementary, the main necessary flying exercising you could actually work together in…” why became into the wreckage shipped abroad without being coated in the 1st rate examine.. why became into there no longer AN examine FOR 2YRS!?!?!?!?!? and why became into it funded so POORLY, commencing at an insignificant 3 million money.. jointly as the Clinton intercourse scandal gained extra advantageous than 50 million. there are a number of valid questions, it incredibly is in ordinary terms a small occasion.. I left a pair links that are exciting..

you want to find a conspiracy theorist, who is reasoned and articulate?

Try the oxymoron convention in sunny Siberia.

Give the president a call. I believe he’s one.

C’mon this is not FBI, CIA or KGB

read my resume.

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