I feel so unnoticed by my friends!?

So, tomorrow is Valentine’s day and so today, I made everyone brownies and bought some of my friends roses (they sell them at school). For every holiday or one of my friends’ birthdays, I always bake some brownies or cake or something to show that I remembered and care. But what do I get in return?…

it really sounds like you are being unnoticed by a lot of people.i think you should be More spontaneous but im not telling you to do drugs. Just speak up and involve yourself in a conversation and even sometimes ask someone to hang out with you. i hope this helps.

you have to be louder
i feel the same way now
i know how to get their attention
its just that i dont have the energy to do it
so they kinda drift towards other energetic people

five cups of coffee, and start screaming
do something random, they’ll notice you more

When this happens just go up to them and in a jokey kinda way say “and wheres mine”? *laughs* They might realise.

Sorry hope i helped.

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