How to House Train Your Puppy Quick and Easy!?

There is no quick & easy way to house break a puppy. All you can do is let it out after it eats, drinks, and let it out at night before you go to bed and first thing in the morning when it gets up and please stay out there with the little fellow or gal. It takes a lot of patience so good luck but I will say it is well worth it. Oh and please don’t use the puppy pads. Also give it a treat when you bring it back in and say good boy or girl

I am not sure there is any quick and easy way to train your puppy. I am currently house training my 9 weeks beagle mix and have only been doing it for a week. It is definitely worth it going outside on the grass every couple of hours and tell her “go potty.” It will probably sniff around for a while since there will be interesting smells everywhere that they might have not experienced before.

If your puppy goes inside try and catch it in the act. When I would catch her, I would kind of make her look at it, tell her “outside” and then run outside with her and tell her “outside, potty outside.” This has to be done right away because they will probably forget about it if you don’t catch the puppy doing it.

When the puppy finally goes outside, give it lots of praise and maybe even a treat. My puppy is getting used to this and will even go sit by the door when she needs to go to the bathroom. I’ve had her for 6 days, and the past 4 she has only had 2 accidents in the house. I consider that to be very good.

My vet said that it is really uncommon for any puppy to get a grasp on the house training completely until they are 12 weeks old so hang it there. It will be worth it in the end!

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A friend recommened it to me a few years ago, and I was amazed how quickly it worked, which is why I recommend it to others. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course.

Quick, easy, puppy, and house train don’t go in the same sentence.

Do your research on different methods, choose one, and be consistent. Stick to it.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Were you out of diapers by the time you were 6 months old? Probably not!

Good luck.

Well, it helps if you are at home with your pup.
Every time a pup need to go to the loo, he/she will put his/her nose to the floor, when you see them do this. take him/her outside.
Cover the floor at night with newspaper completely, then, each night remove a piece of paper until eventually there is just paper by the back door, the dog will pee on the paper – or whatever you decide to use 🙂
Getting a dog flap will also benefit the dog as he/she can go in and out freely when you are not there – but make sure you fit a door that will be big enough for when the pup is and adult.
All in all, in my experiences, house training takes around 2 weeks, but you should ALWAYS expect the odd accident 🙂

Take care you, Lulu x

…there isnt an easy way to everything for instance…potty training a puppy. That takes time, it depends on how well that dog learns, if he or she is a fast learner or a slow learner.
But these tips could help.

1.) take the puppy out EVERY hour…not a walk but just to let he/she pee

2.) for the inside, use a product called a “pee pee pad” this will help the dog to use it when she/he cant go outside so, make sure the puppy gets use to the pee pee pad

hope this helped =)

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house training puppy is easy but not quick.puppies urinate usually after waking up and after or before having that time keep her in a place where you want her 2 defaecate.
if the puppy does it in the house soak it up in paper and keep it in the place you want.whenever she does it in a room stand before her and say no firmly.within a month the puppy should be perfectly house trained

Have you heard of the Porch Potty? I suggest checking this product out. I’ve heard it cuts puppy potty training in half. It’s made of synthetic grass so your puppy will learn the texture they should be going on.

Once you get him house trained then move to the yard and direct him in the area you would like him to go in.

Hope this helps!

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