How many Americans believe that the war has made the world a safer place?

USA, a giant oil drinking country. Iraq, oil rich country. 9/11 terrorist act (not by Iraq)……Invade Iraq.

How many Americans believe that the war in Iraq is about terrorism prevention and not securing more oil?

Is the world a safer place?

The war in Afghanistan is about terrorism, but the the war in Iraq is about our (America’s) interest in oil…Many Americans don’t want to believe this but it’s the honest truth. The Bush administration tricked us, the American people into invading Iraq.

I don’t agree that our troops should still be there, but I do agree with the fact that we ousted Saddam. Anyone who thinks the world was a safer place with a person like him in power is just ignorant and stupid. Why do think his own people put him on trial and had him hung?

We didn’t invade Iraq because of 9/11…..that’s why we invaded Afghanistan genius.
The reason we invaded Iraq was because of the whole “weapons of mass destruction” issue. which we all know was a sham, from information given to the U.S. by a GERMAN spy working for the U.S. Don’t believe me? Do some reasearch and find out for yourself.

The only way it seems it could have been true is if they hauled off thier weapons into neighboring countries…which could very well be possible, but we will never know.

If you’re going to generalize everyone, and make false assumptions, check your facts, and do a little research before you say stupid things.

The war with Iraq was about Sadam not complying with the peace agreement of the first gulf war. Also it is about having a huge military presence in an important but unstable part of the world. Lastly, there hasn’t been a 9/11 since 9/11.

I do. We haven’t been attacked since 9/11 and that’s where most of the terrorists were and are. If we were going to Iraq to secure more oil why didn’t we do it?

If it was about oil , then why aren’t we paying less for oil?
I saw an interview where GB2 was asked about his reasons for going to war.He jokingly said “well they tried to kill my daddy”. I think there’s more truth to that than anyone realizes. I don’t think it is about oil, I think it’s about GB2 personal revenge.
Beside the US and Canada have the worlds biggest oil reserve once they decide to unlock them
Also, remember, what really started it was Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. If not for that, Saddam Hussein would still be alive and in power, and we would not be there. (and Iraqi people would still be brutalized by a ruthless dictator)

The drug problem with Mexico could be solved if the government secured the border. But they want the flood of illegals to continue so its not worth it

bout 40 or 50, all of them in the Bush Admin.

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