How can I go about moving to New York City?

I’ve spent a little over two weeks in New York City and it was the best two weeks of my life. It’s all I think about and it’s the one thing I look forward to. My personal definition of “success” means living in New York. The energy of the city is mind-blowing. The people aren’t afraid to…

I moved to NYC from Minneapolis last summer. Here is what I did:

I sold about 90% of my stuff in garage sales and ebay before I moved here. I knew the apartments would be much smaller than what I was used to, and it was a great way to save more money.

I got a large suitcase and packed about a week’s worth of clothes, a suit for job interviews and a few things that reminded me of home. I flew out here and stayed in youth hostel (I was 23) in Chelsea.

I basically surfed Craiglist like it was my bible for about two weeks. Occasionally going to look at apartments until I found one that I liked. It’s much, much too expensive to live on your own or in Manhattan when you first got here. So I would recommend looking at apartment shares in Brooklyn or Queens. Craigslist has a seperate area on their site for people looking for shares (basically an apartment with an open room).

Once I got my housing set up, I immediately started looking for jobs. I had already put my resume together before I arrived in New York, so I started searching the internet (Craigslist again!)_for jobs. I got a part time job within about a week and worked there for about a month or two until I lined up full time employment.

New York is tough. Very tough. But it can also be very rewarding. If you’re planning to move here, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Nothing will come easy for you at first, but if you really want to live here, you’ll make it.

This is just my story. I found that most jobs/potential roomates won’t even give you the time of day if you don’t live in the city. I had sent out some resumes before I arrived and never heard from them again because I did not have a New York address. Millions of people say they’re going to move here all the time. Us New Yorkers know better. Unless you’re already in the city, they won’t waste their time waiting to get you in for an interview.

This is just my experience. Everyone else’s in this city probably differs… but that’s what makes NYC so great!

I hope this helps!

Once you find a job and are ready to start looking for rooms, it is often good to consider living with a roommate to keep the cost of living down. Roomi is a great way to find a place and great roommate that with fit your needs. It allows you to browse through places in all areas of the city and safely talk with potential roommates. Check it out here:

The best thing to do is to find a job before you get there. That might not be easy depending on where you live now.

It can be expensive to get started here, and if you aren’t working right away, you will amazed at how fast you go through your savings.

You might also look into working for a company that has locations where you are now, and in NYC so that you can make a transfer.

Check out, and even the NY Times websites for jobs that look like something you might want to do. It will be helpful to figure out how much you can get paid, which influences everything else you do here!

Find a job if you don’t have one
If not hope you have lots of money stashed away
If you want to stay in the heart Manhattan is it, but it will cost you plenty. A one bedroom can go for well over a grand and don’t expect much on size. If you are rather young or don’t mind sharing space check around colleges for postings for roomies, maybe and craigslist, etc.
Good Luck and enjoy
NY is great for anyone that likes to be in the mix!!

get a job before moving her or have some interviews lined up. living in manhattan is extremely expensive apartments range starting at 2000-3500 for a 1 bedroom. anything less isnt in manhattan its prolly in harlem or the bronx. so yeah def have a job and money stashed away bc to even qualify for a place u have to meet a lot of requirements, i suggest going to nyu, earn ur degree, live on campus, get into an internship and transition from there! good luck!

Try living in New Jersey or Brooklyn. The area you are talking about is midtown Manhattan, and theres just not anything there that would be affordable for your asking. Looks like you need to do alot of homework before you make the move.

Get a job here BEFORE moving here, then look for a space with someone looking for a room mate (use craigs list for room mate hunt) good luck

I would definetly want to know too…keep me posted!

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