HOROSCOPE: which zodiac sign?

Which zodiac sign supposedly match with me for love, friendship, etc…

i’m a Scorpio btw

Scorpios mostly get along with water signs like picses and cancers- but not ttoo much with scorpios becasue rivalry and envy gets them.
But the second most is earth signs like Capricorn(me), taurus(justdoit) and virgo. Water signs feel more comfortable and stable with them.

As far as I am concerned any zodiac sign is good. The match for love, friendship is not related to zodiac signs, but by mutual understanding and open communication. Trust me.

Hello there I am the surfer

I am from pisces march 13

We match you but many times Scorpios do not reciprocate

Sources : several experiences

im an aries and been with a Scorpio for 8years. :).
my boyfriend’ s sister is a Sagittarius and she has been with her boyfriend for so so long , longer than our relationship.
my scorpio and aquarius friends have been together for five years since they were 15. I love them, they are so great together. supposedly you are compatible with pisces and cancer. my cousin (cancer) was married to scorpio for only two years and then got divorced. my Pisces friend with a lot of capricorn in her charts always get into physical fights with her scorp boyfriend. Astrology is definitely not part of that.

I remember that I read once that it goes a long with Pisces well, I’m a Pisces 😀
I don’t really know a lot about signs but I remember that thing clearly, and it says
“The bond they create lasts a lifetime, It’s just too deeply embedded in the heart and soul to ever forget”
It’s so sweet 🙂 even though I don’t really believe in signs but it’s sweet to read sometimes 🙂

My sister is a Scorpio and we go along really really well, So idk, it could be true somehow.

I only think Cancers work for Scorpios. Virgos are far too sensitive for the pincers. Pisces will be too bi-polar for you. All other signs are even worse matches. Only a Cancer can potentially stand up to your aggressiveness and aloofness.

Also, I like how you use the word “supposedly” implying that you don’t believe in this crap.

If you see yourself as a stereotypical Scorpio, then just chill out and stop reading astrology.

Then find a nice guy or girl that treats you well and who you respect. Good luck!


Virgos! Virgo and scorpio have enough differences and similarities to balance it. A downfall may be scorp doesn’t get virgos nurturing and virgo may not understand the scorp moods and need for space, but with proper communication it would work!

With A Taurus .

I’m glad you say “supposedly.” This is an indication you see that astrology is fake.

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