Have you been told you look like a movie actor/actress? If so, who?

I heard that I look like a “dark” Jim Carey. I get goofy sometimes. I don’t know exactly how to take that one.

I just had jury duty and this guy told me I looked exactly like Mary-Louise Parker. I have nothing against her but I really don’t see the resemblance.

Natalie Portman

Adam Sandler

Catherine Zeta Jones.

Missy Elliott

Kirsten Dunst- everyone say I look just like her. I even have strangers come up and tell me that. Weird. Once at a stoplight a guy in the car next to me yelled to me and asked if I was her!!

Anthony Perkins (aka Norman Bates).

I’ve been told i look like Lauren Conrad from the hills

I get Owen Wilson ALL the time. Everywhere I go, it’s ridiculous.

It makes me feel insecure, maybe I have a more messed nose than even I imagine.

i’ve been told i look like julia roberts which makes me mad because she has such a huge mouth and when seeing her on screen in the theater you can always see up her nose for some reason

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