Forced 2 church right or wrong??

As some of you may know holyweek is this week…I was Born and raised Catholic and yes it was the church every sunday and all of the “special” days inbetween. As a child i never got into church. That didnt mean i didnt love God! Or pray, or say the rosery. But church had always been something special for…

Give your mom a big hug, tell her you love her, and then say you are excited about going with her to church on Sunday but that Friday just isn’t going to work this time. I wouldn’t get sucked into a conversation–but do it in love!

Just tell your mom that you have made plans for friday. But you will be at church on sunday (only if you will). Tell her it wont be the end of the world if you miss one holy day.

As soon as I turned 18, I started telling my parents that I did not want to go to church anymore. I had to nag them and nag them for a whole year before they finally said yes on my 19th birthday. I think they were waiting to see if I still wanted the same thing a year later, which I did.

You may have to do the same. Start asking, and dont stop – but it may be a case of “lets 6 months or a year and see of she still feels the same way”.

What’s the point of being forced to go to church?

Imagine being forced to go to a “hockey game” for a team you don’t care for.

So, you’re there; does it matter? Does it somehow make them play better?

There is the off chance you might like them because you went, but it’s unlikely.

I had no appreciation for church service’s because I thought they were so hypocritical, and going just for someone else just made it worse. From the scripture, that point of view is the same for God; He doesn’t want someone there who doesn’t appreciate it, why would He when the whole thing is supposed to remind us of His love?

When I finally needed a Bible study, later, it was made available to me, from a couple of different sources.

And, until I felt motivated in my heart to go, I never went to either of those religions meetings.

I do now, but it’s because I want to be there.
Your parents viewpoint is loving, but misguided. Be respectful. They love you.

Explain to her that you practice your faith in different ways and not going doesnt mean you dont believe in God or dont follow the morals you were brought up with.
A lot of christians fail to realize that going to church alone does not make you a good person. There are a lot of people who go to church on Sunday and then roll a joint on tuesday or beat their wife on wednesday. Ya know?
There is too much emphasis on the act of going to church and not enough on the way in which you live your life. Remind your mother of how you live your life and the things you do to help others and the morals you practive and remind her that those are the things that truly count in the end.
Good Luck!

Well, Good Friday is not a holy day of obligation, though it is a day of fast and abstinence.

That said, you are an adult, and can make your own decisions, and can therefor live with the consequences. But recognize that those things which make us ‘happy’ now may not always be the best for us in the long term.

It sounds to me like you are making excuses. Go, or don’t go. But please don’t equate worship with going to the mall.

look its hard when your views differ from your parents, i understand. my mother recently started going to Church again, and she is driving me nuts. she keeps insisting we have our son baptized. the thing is my husband and i are atheist’s so its not going to happen.
I have had to be very forceful with her, and explain that if Connor finds religion when hes old enough to understand it then fine. but i won’t put him through a ritual which is meaningless to him and to us. Not only because i don’t believe but it would be disrespectful to those who do, i won’t insult the church that way.
sooner or later you and your mother will fall out over this, the longer you leave the discussion the worse it will be. Don’t shout just explain why you do not wish to go, then let her shout. You are 19 in Britain that’s considered adulthood, by the time i was that age i was going to uni, working full time nights and paying a mortgage. you can’t live your life for your parents grow up.
(sorry lecturing again..)

You are 19 years old; you are a young adult. Therefore, you have to take responsibility for your choices. Unless there are special circumstances that you are not telling us (and they are probably not our business anyway), no one can force you to go to church.

However, if you choose not to go to church, you have face the consequences of your mom’s let down. Unfortunately, this is what it means to be an adult–making choices and taking responsibility, even if it does not please.

If you are financially dependent on your mother, it may be prudent to look to her comfort and pleasure. But even still it is your choice.

Take personal responsibility, and go forward.

Remember, others have choice too, in response to your choice.

Dude I’m going through the same thing. I’m making up an excuse for not going to church tomorrow. I said I have to go work but i’m going to the movies. Its not wrong because I believe that you dont have to go to church to make God happy. You can do all the things you do at church at home. I believe that church is to give your offering and thank God with a prayer and that is it.

Try explaining to her that you do NOT have to go to church to worship Jesus. You could quote in John 4 where Jesus said that neither in this mountain nor in that mountain and say that see mom? I dont have to go to this mountain or that mountain. I can worship Jesus right here where I am. Isn’t the Lord our God with us EVERYWHERE? Is He limited to ONLY a particular building?

Further maybe tell her that forcing you to go you might not pay as much attention and further it wouldnt be true worship. It is better for you NOT to go, then to go unwillingly…and the worship wouldn’t be heartfelt.

Talk to her with the same respect you show her when you two talk about any thing else and tell her your an adult as an adult you have the right to go to church when you want too.

me a Christian that is not a bible thumper. 🙂

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