Do you think the Obama administration bribed Rep. Joe Sestak?…

No, and by this point, I believe that there is a liar indeed—Sestak. He would already have named names if it were true.

they are going to try their terrific to suppress it,the persons ought to save the concern in the generic public eye and insist an basic study and answer, and die difficult reasonable whilst a individual os provided a job in replace for a political choose it particularly is a legal no longer a dismissive factor that’s what you liberally minded human beings seem to maintain doing,if it grew to become into no longer a liberal you would be having a hissy in good shape. and you may besides admit to being a liberal ,you’re attitude and fact approximately this concern shows the place you’re political loyalties are fairly at.

Not uncommon in politics to make deals. Also not exclusive to any one political party or administration. Calling it bribery is a little sensational and inaccurate. If you’re looking for a new job and one employer offers you more money, is that bribery? Now what goes on with lobbyists is blatant bribery and that’s something to get upset about.

They definitely tried to “bribe” him. It is either that or Mr. Sestak is a liar. Either way we need to know.

Probably, this is in keeping with the Chicago style politics. Ask Blogo!

You libs just eat this crap up, don;t you????

Well if they didn’t , that would be the first one , they haven’t*********************************…

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