Did Letterman help Alaska lose Sarah Palin as governor?

Considering the shame Sarah Palin felt after her 2008 presidential loss and the media exposing her shortcomings, do you think Alaska is better off without this pro-soccer-mom?

This guy says Palin is full of common sense.



The way she takes every joke personally as an attack was more her undoing than anything Letterman ever did.

Carson, Letterman, Leno, et al…made jokes about vice-presidential candidates before her.

George HW Bush spawned a thousand “wimp” jokes.

Former VP Danforth Quayle STILL hasn’t lived down the whole “potatoe” incident.

Who hasn’t heard a joke about Al Gore? Even The Simpsons took shots at Al Gore.

And Dick Cheney…..remember when he shot his friend in the face? Of course you do from the countless jokes and parodies of that incident.

Why would anybody think that somehow Palin’s entitled to be spared this?

Only her psychotic @ss and her delusional mouth breathing followers would take a simple late night joke that seriously.

Yea well, Sarah Palin also said Paul Revere rode off to warn the British, what do you expect.

If Dave Letterman’s bad jokes have the power to cause any real measurable effect on the ex-Governor of Alaska, then she shouldn’t be in office anyway. I think that’s up to the citizens of Alaska. Seeing as how she abandoned them they didn’t choose real well to begin with.

The face of organized sports in Alaska will never be the same.

Alaska didn’t need Letterman – Palin caused all of her own “ethics issues”

alaska is better without sarah, according to the latest polls, but my fear now is she will “invade” the lower forty eight. I won’t mind unless i see her climbing into a helicopter, carrying a rifle.

Palin/Glenn Beck in 2012!

why would you ask a question that you knew was going to get you and the people who answer all a violation? EDIT…4 reported violation and 4 thubs down you may have a new records

one day maybe OBOTS like you will stop talking bad about sarah palin, she is a true american patriot, and she should be allowed to do anything she wants because she was in the movie about nailing.

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