Christians, when *some* of you refer to atheism as a “religion” and say that atheists have ‘faith” …?

Are you insulting atheism? Surely you can’t be complimenting atheists but…
I don’t get it because according to theists faith is a good thing right? A virtue correct?

When I call Atheism a religion, I’m making fun of how evangelical and Christian like they are. It’s like they dropped the dogma and started preaching something else. The key word there was PREACH. They just resemble religious people in action.

No, we are NOT insulting atheism at all when we say that it is a religion and that atheists have “faith” that God does not exist.

I guess you could take it as a compliment. At least we are saying that they are CAPABLE of faith, but that they have simply put their faith in the wrong thing.

A virtue? Well, yes. As C.S. Lewis said in “The Screwtape Letters”:

” To be greatly and effectively wicked a man needs some virtue. What would Attila have been without his courage, or Shylock without self-denial as regards the flesh?” – Archdemon Screwtape in “The Screwtape Letters”

So, yes. The faith that Atheists have in their religion is a virtue. Beware that it does not become the very virtue that gives you the power to become greatly and effectively wicked.

@Rachel165: We can wrap our heads around the fact that such people exist just fine. But a person with no faith at all is an agnostic, not an atheist. An atheist has a very specific belief about God, which makes it a religious belief. The fact that the atheist belief about God is, “God does not exist,” is irrelevant. It is still a belief about God, and thus a religious belief.

If you are certain of your belief about God, then you have faith. The fact that your faith is in the conviction that there is no God is, again, irrelevant. You have FAITH … faith that there is no God.

Now, if all you have is a LACK of belief in the existence of a God, but also do not actively believe that God does NOT exist, then you are an agnostic, not an atheist. It is just much more stylish and hip to call yourself an atheist.

So, if all you have is a LACK of belief, then stop mislabeling yourself and admit to being an agnostic. As long as you claim to HAVE a belief, stop being surprised when we call you on it.

Faith : A strongly held belief or theory
Atheist strongly hold the belief that there is no God.

Faith: Complete trust or confidence in someone or something
Christians have complete confidence in the scriptures – thus God’s existence.
Atheists have complete confidence that what you see is it – and they trust their futures to that ideology.

Faith: from NASB Heb 11:1
“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”
This is the Christian faith. And this can even apply to Atheists – you have assurance of things hoped for. You sure hope there is no God after you spent a life time ignoring Him.

I think some Christians simply CANNOT wrap their brains around the idea that there are people who have NO religion and NO faith at all. Therefore the only way they can conceive of atheism is as some sort of “religion” or a “faith”.

Only you athey’s consider it an insult to have faith.

You act like any other cult except you have no central head other than perhaps Satan.

Nope, Not Insulting, Just educating and enlightening them to the Truth
If Atheism is not a Religion, why then do they have their own church?
What is This then?

Look at the Similarities

As Far as ther Faith is concerned, ?
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