Can a non korean become a k pop singer or celebraty in korea!??????????????????????

I was born in australia but im actualy croatian (thats in europe) and i know how to speak both english and croatian perfectly anyway i have been in love with k pop and literuly anything korean for months and im going to start learning korean in july when its my birthday (im turning 17) yeah well anyway could i…

yes absolutely

This is not a direct answer, but a Response to the other answers. You do not need to give up your citizenship. There is a reason why the VISA exists. There are few, not MANY non koreans in the industry. I don’t even count the asian non korean members of pop groups Such as f(x), Soju, 2PM, etc as a sign of great progress in Korea because they are part of a fad, and not something meaningful. They are used to gain appeal with fan girls from their native country. They are are just tools that speak broken korean. The non koreans or halfs in the industry worth noting are generally invisible from the mainstream media, but they do exist. Such as Ida williams, Carlos, 이혁 from norazo, 이유진, 김서진, Dk, Insooni, Tasha, etc. I consider the ones I listed native Koreans. Why? Because what all these people have in common is they are Korean in Heart, with a Korean mentality, which is why they had success. They sing about korean issues which Koreans can relate too, and talk like a native. It’s something difficult to acquire without being born and raised in Korea. If you ever watched the Korean Show Misuda, You can see how some of the foreign talk show members went off to become celebrities in Korea after becoming koreanized enough. They went off to go star in Drama series or Commercials. One even tried a stab at becoming a pop singer. So yes it isnt impossible but the odds are against you, if you are a foreigner. the pop/acting industry is very lucrative in Korea. It isn’t very open such as the U.S.

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that would boost ur chances since they dont have foreigners who have broken thru in korea

i dno lol thats my guess

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