Agnostic, christian, catholic, theist, deist?

I believe there is someone of higher power, i.e God. I believe He is my friend and for him, it is that i act respectful and love and offer peace to all whom i encounter. i believe in the holy trinity. i believe in the virgen mary. i KIND OF believe in sts. i go to church and listen and practice what it preaches….

Your beliefs are consistent with those of a generic “christian”.

You shouldn’t feel the need to believe things that don’t make sense to you. If there are parts of catholic doctrine that you reject, then reject them. It’s fine. You should believe what makes the most sense to you, and you should practice religion in the way that feels most comfortable to you.

I am an ex-catholic and am now a non-denominational Christian. You don’t NEED to go to any church and you SHOULD NOT bow down to ANY man, the pope is just a man. None of the bible is ‘bogus’ if you can read it with understanding. I got a kjv companion bible ( it has footnotes) a strongs concordance ( so I can look up a word in its original language to know what it REALLY means) and a smiths bible dictionary. The catholic bible has corrupted books added to the bible. Bible scholars have removed them from other bibles. There should be 66 books in the bible. You should NOT worship saints or ANYBODY, and should NOT pray to the virgin Mary or saints. Prayers should NOT be recited. I just talk to God in my own words, speak from the heart, He knows all that I do anyway.
When it comes to things like tarot cards, palmistry, etc. I have been there, done that. If I had known back then what I know now from reading the bible, I would NEVER have gone near any of that stuff. Jesus tells us to stay away from fortune tellers, He also tells us of demons that possess people. These demons are attracted to all those things of the occult, because that is satans realm and they want to get as many souls for satan as they possibly can. I would stay as far away from that crap as possible. I am SO THANKFUL that the Good Lord PROTECTED me in my ‘FOOLISH’ days of messing around with those things. You would be very wise to stick with the bible, and pray to God to HELP YOU understand His word. The churches, all churches are wrong on many things in the bible. Only God knows the truth. When Jesus walked the earth, He approved of 2 out of 7 churches at that time. Those 2 churches were smyrna and phidalephia, neither of which exist in this day and age. They taught nothing but the TRUE WORD of God. The churches nowadays have mans word added to it here and there, or a word changed here and there. I hope this helps you to some extent.

Well your off to a great start. If your inteet is to going to hell. Because your not a christian. If you were a christian you will be seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus whom you did not even speak of. The catholic faith is in no way the church of Jesus Christ. First off they have a false priesthood that is not given by God, prophets, apostles or Jesus. So you can be sure that they will be engaged un everthing God hates. These things God hates. Idols, Lies, Homosexually conduct ect. Your problem is you want a real relationship with Christ but you are not being feed truth in your catholic setting and more then that they are misleading you on just about every part of there teaching. First off no person is a victor for Christ on the earth.
The Holy Spirit is the head of the Chruch not men. And second you are not saved by works nor are you a automatic christian just because you go to chruch. THere must take place a born again experence. That mean a real change. But you are stating you are sinning and repenting. Actually that is great. It means you know right from wrong. And indicates your heart is seeking to do God will but the flesh is getting in the way. First off you must submit the flesh to a daily death. Meaning daily you need to read the word and seek God in prayer. And put on the whole armor of God. Thus protecting your mind. Sin has to be overcome by the word. That means you have to study to show yourself approved and it means that sin is always a problem if you do not. Also you need to go to a church that will teach you and not just play like a church.
i recomment baptist, assemble of God and such.
Christ has gained freedom for his people. The catholic church is anything but free. Our freedom is not to be used to sin. Nor is our thinking above the word of God. He is the final authority over everthing. So you need to consider why you are wanting to have sex and birth control over living a rightious life unto God. because that is rebellion to God. As you are willing to call people hypocrites might i subject you remove the blank from your eye first before removing the speck from your brothers eye. Even the demons believe in God. That will not gain you salvation. Being born again will. And as the bible never tells us to pray silently because if you do not put vioce/spirit into prayer it does not get answered. I subjest you pray with real words and nor imaginary words. In other words that is a fairtale pray. Real prayers are heart felt and spoken out loud. So mature in Christ.

Believing that God and Jesus exist is something, however the demons in hell do as nicely and that they shudder on the thought. Believing that God is the author and author of the plan of salvation and that Jesus is our Savior and that God forgives your sins by way of Jesus is what makes you a Christian. Agnostic theist may be a competent label, if this is all you’re in seek of for.

Well: Catholics are Christian, theist means anyone who believes in any god or gods, deist is someone who believes in an impersonal, abstract god, and agnostic refers to gnosis, so someone can be an agnostic atheist, or even an agnostic theist.

It’s seems like you could just go by “Christian,” as someone who picks and chooses rather arbitrarily what they believe, and what they don’t.

God is not your friend. He is your father and creator of all man kind.

One must have a reverence and respect for the Lord if they are truly going to have their life go according to HIS plan, which is all that really matters.

Please read the book of Philippians to truly understand what a relationship with Jesus Christ is all about.


Thank you for sharing your exprience and the desire to know the better way.
iam also glad that you tried to read the bible though it did not much sence to you at the time but now it will.’

genesis 1vs1 says in the begining God created the heavens and the earth,…… in that part of scripture we see the bible shows us that God was before every thing came into being.

when you continue you will see why we also struggle with sin in life, the bible show that man is asinner,genesis 3,romans3vs23 say all have sinned,that includes me,you and the pope,we are all born sinners,
so you struggle with sin, you are not alone and its not in our power to change ourselves.we have all tried and failed many time.

ihave come to know and understand that its not about the religion but having arelationship with christ,iwas acatholic and now born again christian and that made abig difference.

iam not perfect but constantly changing even as the lord gives me the strength but iknow iam achild of God,john 1vs12 says as many as have believed on his name,to them he gave the right to become children of God.

repenting is constant each time you realise something ,is not right,we all be encouraged to make your relationship sure,by asking him to come into your life to be lord and savior of your life.This does not mean going to the priest but asking the lord to forgive you,you can be walking,working,driving,any where to make things right with you friend jesus christ.

The other thing ihave found to be helpfull is to read my bible regulary,fellowshiping with other believer and having them as friends.listening to gospel music keeps me upbeat in loving him the more,

Ipray his blessing to come over you and peace.will say more next time.welcome.
dixon k

the other thing

That is satan talking to you because you have the truth. satan’s time is surely running out and he is trying the more to deceive GOD’S children, so please do not dabble in things that will only draw you further away from GOD because those things are not of him and he will punish those who practice those things and believe a lie. Stay on the side where you have already won the Victory in JESUS. Pray that you will not be tempted and rebuke satan, let GOD continue to rule in your life and Keep you in him and in HIS WORD.


The unfortunate thing is that most of us really know i.e. believe in things that the world has taught us to believe in, so much so that we get very confused. Since the very first time you opened your eyes, people, the world, have been telling you WHO YOU ARE, WHAT TO BELIEVE IN, and that ideas, concepts and thoughts are WHO YOU ARE. That is the biggest trap of all. That we have been brain washed into believing that our thoughts are us. In this way, there is NO way to 2nd guess our reality because the mind is the questioner and since it can’t go beyond its own boundary’s, it can’t know God or reality etc…
Its tricks us into believing it can, but that is impossible because the mind itself is the “locked door” to love and reality.
when we say we believe in this or that we are in fact in a “living dream” asleep to our own reality. When we stop believing in our thoughts we are quiet and that which we can’t even imagine that is real comes quietly to our awareness. We must stop believing, the mind is quiet. You can’t even imagine or get closed to what the beauty of you is. I couldn’t believe it until I actually EXPERIENCED it. There is no way to KNOW that experience, one has to EXPERIENCE ones own reality. Just like if I tried to tell you about how ice cream tastes, you’d only have an idea about it, but there is no way you’d ever know that experience until the experience actually happened upon you.
So, that all being said, it will have to be a big leap of faith for you to trust in that which the world has taught you NOT to believe in by way of religion, money, concepts etc…
How in the world can you accept this? I don’t know, but the beauty of your reality is beyond any of our beliefs, its really hard to find it unless you seek it by dis identifying with all thoughts you have. You can use your mind as a tool and do things that you love to do, but, it is also a wise thing to keep in constant awareness, as much as you can with each thought that pops into your mind. Each time we go into a daydream (start to think about something) we are not aware of our own presence. That is the key, stay aware of your own presence as much as you can because YOU are what is real, no, your presence is what is the door way to what is real. the you that you think you are is only a bunch of memories of experiences, but memories and experiences can’t be real because you can have amnesia and forget them. Everything can change, that which changes, doesn’t last, that which doesn’t last is temporary, that which is temporary isn’t real. You have to try and experience your own presence as much as you can, without thinking. You can do this when you are eating, speaking with someone,walking,studying, petting an animal etc…
It means that you don’t have to only sit in meditation.
The whole day is like a meditation. That only means that the whole day you are finding a more real you or not you, but the core of you. You are journeying deeper and deeper into a beautiful inner being that will blossom into grace.

So, this may all seem very complicated, but the jist of it is really simple.

1. Find out what is real, by experiencing it, not having beliefs.
2. Be aware of your presence as much as you can. Close your eyes and notice that you are aware that you exist, but you aren’t thinking that, just experiencing that.
3. Each time that you find yourself in a dream, I mean thinking, no I mean a dream, wake up and quietly experience that you are aware, without saying that in your head.
4. be patient there is no hurry because there is no other thing to do, the consequences of not doing this are that you think that you are your thoughts for the rest of your life and will not ever be able to experience your true nature. As soon as you start thinking this is taking forever, this isn’t fun etc… WAKE UP, tell your self to wake up and smile and be.
5. Get the book “I AM THAT”. It is a book of folks asking many questions (ideas) and the simple answer to the questions. This is only for you to perhaps in this early stage of use your mind as a tool in order to consider the “idea” in the book to be silent and know the difference between you and make believe. So, you will have to read the book of other people’s ideas to convince you of the futility of of believing others opinions. If the “opinions” in this book speaks to your heart, then you can live a new life of freedom.

I hope this helps you in some way.


sounds like you know some about God

the goal maybe should get to know Him

a relationship is built on trust built over time

to know about is like being an outsider looking in
there’s more…if you’re interested

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