Why dont black people tip?

My brother is a pizza delievery driver and he was talking about how black people are less likely to tip a driver… I have heard Servers say the same thing
He actually did a study

out of 50 black people he delivered to Only 8 of them gave him a tip of a dollar or more..

out of 50 white people he delivered to…

I don’t know why but it is a good question. my daughter worked as a waitress in a high dollar restaurant and she said the same thing

Okay, ignoring the fact that a sample size of 50 (or 100) is hardly statistically significant for the population at large, for a second, there’s a very simple answer for your question. It’s interesting that you posted this question in sociology, because therein lies your answer. In our society, a disproportionate number of African Americans are poor as compared to Whites. If you have less expendable income, you are less likely to spend that income on something that is basically optional and has no benefit to you. It’s not a white thing or a black thing, it’s a green thing. People with more money can give away more of it. I’ve always wondered why restaurants and delivery places don’t simply add an extra 15 or 20% to their price and then not allow tipping. Seems like that would be a more fair system for waiters and delivery drivers.

The same can be said for a few other groups of people as well. Like the elderly- they still think prices are on par with the good old days so they’re less likely to leave what the younger generations consider a good tip. When I was a waitress I noticed too that parents with bratty children tip poorly, as do your more demanding customers. I really don’t know why some people tip less than others, but it happens. The worst tip I ever got was a couple who’s bill came to exactly $31.50 and they left $32 on the table. I had busted my *ss making sure they were happy and well taken care of, so that was just insulting!

Are you also considering the social settings of those people or just the color of their skin? To do accurate research on this issue you would need to choose 50 black people and 50 white people who have the same range of income and live in the same area and have the same size family. You can’t accurately decide if skin color is a factor unless all other factors are the same. I don’t think the color of skin changes their ability to tip. When I was a server, the majority of my tables tipped very well, regardless of skin color. The few tables that didn’t were poor and apologized to me for not leaving more. I would never stoop to saying that race was a factor. Maybe he’s getting poor tips because he’s not doing a good job? Or because he’s delivering to a poor neighborhood?

I think it may depend on where these people live. If he’s delivering to the slums of D.C.,or Detroit, he won’t get the tips he would in a suburban neighborhood. It just so happens that those slums are populated mostly by blacks. The blacks were pushed into those slums decades ago by whites. If you do your research, you’ll see what I’m saying is true.

I have seen this question at least 3 times now. I don’t know if it is by the same person or not.

you dont have to tip anyone if you dont want to, you tip people for good service. maybe these pizza drivers were late or show bad manners and thats why they didnt get tipped.i dont tip people just cause they make low income i tip them for good service.

I’m black and I always tip.

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