What is the diffrence between Roman Catholic and Church Of England?

The CofE is a heretical, schismatic church founded by King Henry VIII because the Pope would not grant an anullment of the King’s marriage.

The CofE does not recognize the Pope as its leader, but the Archbishop of Canterbury.

King Henry VIII, who started the Church of England, basically wanted Catholicism but under his control, not the Pope’s. So while there are some minor differences between CoE and Catholic services and prayers, they are very similar. In CoE, the Monarch and the Archbishop of Canterbury are the leaders of the church–the archbishop handles the administrative running of the church, with the monarch being the final authroity. In Catholicism, the Pope is still the head of the Church.

CoE uses The Book of Common Prayer as well as the Bible; the Catholic Church uses only the monthly missalettes, which contain the Biblical verses used for that Sunday’s services.

Oddly, CoE uses more Latin hymns than the Catholic Church does, nowadays. Also, I don’t think the CoE has monastic orders, though I’m not sure about that.

The English Church, which officially is still the “catholic” church in England is not a million miles from the core beliefs of the original and Universal Church.
Contrary to some answers there is private confession in the Church of England (see common book of prayer). The Church of England does believe in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Apart from the Leadership issues, there are differences about priesthood – the Universal Church does not permit women to the priesthood, unlike the breakaway Church of England and the Anglicans are becoming very lax re divorce.

Head of Church of England is the Queen followed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Head of the Catholic Church is the Pope.

Splits came about because the king thought the church should be under the authority of the crown, and the Pope thought the crown should be under the authority of the church.

What eventually became known as the Church of England (the Ecclesia Anglicana – or the English Church) was the result of a combination of three streams of Christianity, the Roman tradition of St Augustine and his successors, the remnants of the old Romano-British church and the Celtic tradition coming down from Scotland and associated with people like St Aidan and St Cuthbert.

At the Reformation the Western Church became divided between those who continued to accept Papal authority and the various Protestant churches that repudiated it. The Church of England was among the churches that broke with Rome. The catalyst for this decision was the refusal of the Pope to annul the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, but underlying this was a Tudor nationalist belief that authority over the English Church properly belonged to the English monarchy. In the reign of Henry’s son Edward VI the Church of England underwent further reformation, driven by the conviction that the theology being developed by the theologians of the Protestant Reformation was more faithful to the teaching of the Bible and the Early Church than the teaching of those who continued to support the Pope.


The Catholic Church is the original Christian Church founded by God. Jesus appointed St. Peter as its first head.

The Church of England is a man-made, apostate Church, founded by a king of England (Henry viii) who for his own selfish, personal reasons thought he knew better than the Pope, he also resented the fact that he had no power over the Church, so he seized power by purloining all church property and declaring himself head of his own church. Those who followed him were rewarded with some of the purloined property, and those who refused to follow him were persecuted, tortured and executed. All the lovely old British churches and cathedrals built before Henry’s time were originally Catholic. They were stolen from the Catholic Church by Henry, and it is now time that they were given back.

It depends on what types of ceremony are used in each: e.g. there are rather informal catholic services run by “worker priests” and there are”High “Church of England (Anglican) services. However the main differences are.
1) No formal confessions in private in C of E
2) No transubstanciation in the ceremony of Holy Communion in the C of E, i.e. the wine represents Christ’s blood and the wafer represents Christ’s body in Cof E liturgy
3) All catholic priests are required to be celibate
4) In C of E The Virgin Mary is not especially deified.
There are some other, minor differences – but the foregoing are the main ones.

The Church of England was founded when Henry the Eighth was refused a dicorce by the Pope. So he split from the Roman Catholic Church, declared a new Church of England with himself as head, and divorced her anyway

Henry VIII founded the Church of England. He required a divorce from his first wife (Catherine of Aragon)…the Pope would not grant his wish, so he took unilateral action. Hope this is correct! Check out “The Tudors” on BBC2 TV

Not much. Church of England is nominally headed by the sovereign, while Roman Catholic is headed by the Pope. If you attended a service in one or the other, you probably could not tell which.

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