The Christian Bible is Inerrant Word of God, Right?

Because of course, it does have differences from earlier versions. Ive been told that these changes are infact “authorized” (I cant think of a better word) by God. Right?

So what about the “Wicked Bible”? The one that says “Thou Shalt Commit Adultery”? A lot of these bibles were…


The John 8 passage was in the originals. It was removed in some strains of Alexandrian and Roman manuscripts by clergy who didn’t want their parishioners to think that sexual sins were forgivable. The passages remain in tact in the earlier Antiochan papiri.
The “wicked bible” is one of many printing press errors. The translation work did not have the error.
This error was from a 1631 reprint of the KJV. The mistake was made in the type-set, not in the translation process. It was copied wrong on the printing press. There are actually several other printing press errors that account for variant published editions. Also, as spelling modernized, it was modified in subsequent printings as well, such as from “sope” to “soap” etc…
Between the printing press errors and modernized spelling, the Cambridge KJV that sells today is the same one that rolled off the presses in 1769.
Other publishing houses have gone on to make additional changes ei:
Skilfully to skillfully
Throughly to thoroughly
Shew to show
Farther to further, etc…
…none of these having a significant impact since the word meaning is the same, and the smallest unit of preservation according to Psalm 12:6-7 is words, not letters.
Now the changes that occurred with the non-KJVs from 1881-present, those are the ones that create serious problems. We therefore reject them as authentic Bibles.

The christian bible is a collection of tribal records and Bronze Age folk tales, with a little Minoan flood legend thrown in. There’s no conclusive evidence of Jesus, as the person described in the gospels, though it’s obvious some sort of teacher was in the area at the time.

And the word is either “unerring” word of god or “inherent” word of god. There’s no such word as “inerrant.” Talk about a bad translation!

The Odyssey must be the inerrant word of Zeus and the other gods then. Hercules was a son of god too and he died and came back to life.

No. Jesus is the Inerrant Word of God.

The Bible is the best written record of what God did, and what God said.

I guess you have a tough time understanding what a typo is.

Grow up quickly please.

a brain?

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