Should the school teacher be fired that forced kids to sing praises about Obama?


This is clear indoctrination of young children in public school. Can you imagine what liberals would do if a teacher did the same thing, but with George W. Bush being praised? Liberal heads would explode & the media would be playing it 24/7 on all channels in outrage….

YEP…and I did write to them…and It is NOT necessary. DO NOT SING to the President…during BLACK AMERICA WEEK…and then this was part of why we didn’t want to have BOZO talking to our kids. You don’t want us playing the race card but you allow them to sing about the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT. Why DO THAT? If BLACK IS NOT AN ISSUE AND YOU ARE FAIR…WHY PUT IN BLACK? YOU are using this as indoctrination…pure and simple!

DO NOT make kids honor him when we can’t mention GOD or sing Christmas Carols!

They said this was filmed unauthorized. WELL guess what? If it isn’t anything to be ashamed of….why care about THAT? It was wrong…and you know it.

For some stupid teacher to have them singing praises to the President…NOWAY. NO way would the country have stood up for that during Bush’s days. NO WAY!

I am FURIOUS this is done. Kids do not understand …it is a song and fun to do…they do not understand how they cannot say NO I do not want to sing this !

Damn democrats… is sickening!

Isn’t it bad enough that when you put all of BOZO’s speeches together every 13 seconds he is talking about HIMSELF…..and now you have kids saying he is great when he is nothing but a LIAR! I don’t want our kids having HIM AS A ROLE MODEL when there is NOTHING to be PROUD OF. HE IS A LIAR! NOTHING FOR KIDS TO BE SINGING ABOUT!

IF we were all equal in HIS SIGHT…why did he worship at WRIGHTS FEET FOR 20 YEARS? Don’t tell me that…he hates Jews and he hates WHITES and he HATES AMERICA! This is politics and that is it.. pure and simple and if we cant’ have God in our schools..then you keep the damn politics out too!

The freaky lady who is spreading this creepy cult message to schoolchildren across the country is Carney-Nunes. Carney-Nunes is senior vice president of The Jamestown Project, “the award-winning author of the children’s books, I Am Barack Obama (2009),” and according to her biography, “a graduate of Harvard Law School, where she was a schoolmate of President Obama.” The Obama school song video that she taped shows her book featured on an easel next to the children hailing Dear Leader. She promotes her book as a tool that “allows children to see themselves through the inspirational story of President Obama growing up as an ordinary child asking, Who will change the world… Ultimately, he realizes that he will.”

The sad part about all of this indoctrination is that so many parents could care less. They’re just relieved to have someone else “raising” their kids that they look the other way and apparently hope for the best. Unfortunately, we see that “best” in this up-and-coming generation, don’t we, and it’s certainly an education in itself. People who have been brought up to believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility except their own to give them what is their due.

My own father would have had this teacher fired and post haste, had this happened when I was growing up. He also stuck it out with me and insured that my homework was completed and turned in. We weren’t rewarded for good grades, those were expected of us. We were punished when we fell below what “he” considered to be below average.

Family unity no longer exists and now we can depend on public school indoctrination with teachers who belong to unions and are safe after they reach their tenure.

What a sad time it is for this country and for what apparently lies ahead.. I’m glad I’m older and won’t have to see what is going on a few generations from now. I truly don’t want to know.

It’s disgusting how teachers are pushing their ideology more and more on children at a younger age. My daughters science teacher in 8th grade was an extreme left wing robot. She would espouse her hatred towards the prior administration and do just about everything she could but build an alter for the new one. She touted vague statements that she said to be facts about global warming. You get the picture. My daughter would tell me all the time what she spoke of.

Of course being a fair father, instead of just bashing the teacher, I asked my daughter how she felt about her teachers views. Then we would have a logical debate where both of us would find facts and statements that we form our argument with.

Thank the good Lord that she is a logical child. She saw her teacher for exactly what she was and we made it a joke for the rest of the year each time this quasi-teacher spent her class time drooling over the socialist agenda. Thankfully my daughter is a logical thinker now and anything she hears on the news or from her friends, she researches it, and then we talk about it.

Once again, instead of relying on the schools to teach our children things like how to research and how to act, it’s us parents who have to take the helm and show our children the way. I’m sure the left wing will bash me for this one but hey, facts are stubborn things. It’s hard to go against proven non bias facts and logic.

How about locked up for child abuse. Does she think those kids are there for her amusement? This is just plain sick and she has absolutely no respect for those children. She needs a mental evaluation immediately!

edit – @ > everythinspeachy. Yeah my blood was Boiling too by the time I got done watching that video! To me it’s like when parents catch the babysitter abusing their child while reviewing the tape from the Nanny-Cam.

I don’t think she actually “forced” the kids; but what she did was beyond outrageous!

There is NO President that deserves to be praised in song.

Even the old songs of Abe Lincoln, even George Washington didn’t praise them.

Have we really become a third world dictatorship?

If we were in Venezuela, it would look perfectly natural. And…didn’t Chavez have some very nice things to say about Obama too?


This was a bad school program. Do you know how many bad school performances there are in this country? ALL OF THEM.

You can not go to a school performance (plays, pageants, productions, etc) without getting a little creeped out. Look for a Christian school in your area, and go to their next Christmas or Thanksgiving program, and try to find something that isn’t either a little silly, stupid, or scary.

Now stop harassing school employees, and go back to criticizing Obama’s policies.

I don’t believe it is indoctrination to teach kids to support and learn about the president.

It’s indoctrination because it is so one sided.

I never thought I would raise an eyebrow at the president talking to school kids, or at teachers talking about the president and politics to kids… but it is so imbalanced and– how can I put this?- intentionally manipulative, it just makes me glad my kids are not in public school.

Liberals will tell you it wasn’t forced. But if a teacher had done that with Bush –Liberals would have been screaming OFF WITH THEIR HEAD.

Wonder what the teacher would have done if one of the kids had said “I’m telling my Mommy”?

Again, notice how very few libs are on this question defending the teacher. Too many facts must be.

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